10 Energy Healing for Animals Tips: #1 Energy Is, it Doesn’t Begin and it Doesn’t End

Let’s start with first things first: energy is. It doesn’t begin, and it doesn’t end.

You can learn how to transform it and how to use it. It can gain velocity and momentum or drain and fizzle out. But it never goes away. 

And everything is made of energy, including us and the animals we love.

If everything is energy, then we are all connected by and to that force. Our own energy system either adds to or depletes another’s, and likewise, theirs affects ours. We are using, giving, emitting, submitting to, and creating even more energy all the time.

What does this energy connection mean for the animals in our lives? Actually, it means everything.  Let’s start with the animals in our homes because they are as susceptible (as we are) to changes in the surrounding energy systems. They are part of the universal exchange of energy, which means they contribute to our energy (and vice versa) by giving, taking, and transforming the energy around them and us.

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