10 Energy Healing for Animals Tips #2: Healing Benefits Go Both Ways when we are Touching Our Animals.

Touching animals helps everyone. Even if you don’t think you have “healing hands”, your intention starts the healing in motion. This is from my book Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True):

Touching our animals is a great way to effect healing, but it isn’t beneficial only for them. Most of us know how comforting touching or petting an animal can be, and science has shown some of the health and stress-reducing benefits for us, including easing blood pressure. As you learn bodywork techniques for working with animals, you can be assured that everyone will mutually benefit from your “physician, heal thyself” bodywork experience! Bodywork brings relaxation, increases circulation and oxygen in the blood, helps ease chronic pain, and is a wonderful preventative technique. It also deepens the bond between you and your companion.

Your hands will develop “feel” as you go along. Your hands will sense where to go. I remember being out at someone’s farm and communicating with a horse. The horse was living at the farm where she had lived most of her life with her young girl. Her young girl had left for college and had a falling out with her mother and never returned to the farm. As the horse was telling me this my hands moved about the horses back. As the mother confirmed this story, my hands naturally floated over to the horses’ ovaries. As I held my hands there and told the mother that the horse shared that they were both grieving the loss of the young girl, the mother instantly started to cry and the horse dropped her head. She had been holding strong in a stoic position over this grief and the mother did as well. I kept my hands in that position. Moments later, the horse peed and it was evident she went straight into heat. The mother then told me that the horse was unable to breed because she hadn’t been in heat since the daughter left.
Little did I know that my hands were going to lead the horse to her next chapter.
It starts with placing your hands and intention on healing. And starting to notice what you feel.

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