10 Energy Healing for Animals Tips: #5 Energy Healing is Beneficial Even if the Animal is Transitioning

“While animals often respond to energy healing by getting better, it’s important to understand that “healing” doesn’t necessarily mean the animal is going to live. It can mean that they are going to more easily transcend into the next phase of their soul’s journey. Thoughtful, intention-filled, directed energy healing can provide space, peace, and solace for the transition of all involved.” Excerpt from Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True).

This is one of my most favorite, tender stories of this truth from my first book, Communication with all Life (Hay House):

“A friend called because her dog, Smooch, was in terrible shape after what most of us (herself, her vet, and other healers) concluded was the result of ingesting the herbicide, Roundup. The dog was in the hospital in Orlando on fluids. Shannon asked me to work on Smooch. I told her at the time what I tell everyone about an animal in such a critical state: this may help the animal stay here and be healthier, but it could also make the crossing more blissful.

Though she was distraught, she also knew this was how it had to be. Prior to that night, if we did energy work on the dog, he had some immediate relief in the form of passing urine. So we all had some glimmer of hope regarding helping Smooch to stay here.

I ran the energy and it was like floating through his system. When I got to the chakras (see page TK), not only was I trying to give them a spin in a clockwise manner, I was trying to put the proper colors in place and all I could see was white, the most glorious white as if somebody had a spotlight on them, reflecting back up to me. I brought the energy in, but it felt like it was falling back out. I was aware of somebody being very upset as if Western Medicine had failed them, but I thought that was odd and kept trying to get it out of my head.

About five minutes later the phone rang. It was Shannon in Orlando. She said that Smooch had crossed over a few minutes ago. She also said that the vet had called her in hysterics, upset with how hard she tried, and yet failed, to save her. We all had done the best we could, and Smooch had a glorious passing, so she really didn’t fail.”

By being the midwife in an animal’s passing, they don’t feel alone. We may never know what karma they are releasing or what wounds are being healed as they move through their transition to the afterlife/heaven/next life.

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