What is a session with Joan like?

First, Joan finds out minimal details about the animal companion(s), like who the animal lives with, both people and other animals and age. Then she gets quiet as she connects with your animal(s).  After she is connected she will then do a medical intuition scan.  From there, she explains to the human what is going on in the world according to their animal companion. The human can ask questions at that point about their beloved companion.

What is it like for the animal?

The animal gets to share their story.  Joan picks up on what is going on for the animal mentally, physically and emotionally.  She also finds out how the animal feels about others in the household as well as activities that the animal does with their human.

If it is a horse, Joan can go into detail about the riding relationship as well.

Joan also views the animal from the “whole” energetic system. You may want to get help for behavioral, emotional, physical challenges as well as end of life discussions.  Joan is able to tap into animals on the other side (deceased).

Because Joan has been communicating with animals professionally for over 25 years, she not only helps restore balance and harmony to the household, she has lots of healing ideas and modalities she employs in sessions.

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