Afterglow of Ignite your Lionhearted Leadership


How do you explain what happens at Ignite your Lionhearted Leadership with Linda Tucker of the Global White Lion Protection Trust?  I’ll give it my best.


First of all, just a few weeks ago I wrote about the lions bred for the bullet after watching Blood Lions and knowing that Linda Tucker would be here for the workshop.  And I promise to write about the not so cheerful lion bone trade, at some point. And while climate change is rising and there are all sorts of things to be pretty sad about with regard to wildlife and the planet, there is hope.

The hope comes from the idea that there are people out there saving species like Linda Tucker. And while, she is in full throttle, running at a pace of 185 mph, she can take the time and offer courses that share the wisdom she gleans from living with lions.

Mind you, I say that with complete awe: “the wisdom she gleans from living with lions.”  I don’t know about you, but I wanted to live with lions as a kid, and I know I’m not alone.

lion workshop

Of course, we all think of the fiercely loyal, generous, big hearted lions living in prides. But broken down, it is the women that do the ‘lion’s share’ of the work and it is often communal, collaborative. Lions are associated with the sun and gold. And White Lions take on an even bigger role in the mysticism of the planet.

Ted Andrews offered that lions were the rise of the feminine power even though we often associate the sunshine with more of a male trait.

And Linda Tucker combines that feminine leadership, the sacred female divine, the laws of nature into her 13 Laws of Lionhearted Leadership that her workshop “Ignite your Lionhearted Leadership” is based on.

linda at workshop

In 3 days we couldn’t get to all of the laws, but we certainly looked at our intentions, what we needed to eliminate in order to create that and also, how we can be of service to the planet, by being placed in breakout groups “prides” and asked to take leadership on some of the tougher aspects and come up with a plan on things like:

  1. Education of women;

  2. Food waste;

  3. Loss of Rainforest.

As much as I love all the categories and equally want to put my head in the sand, I was on the task team pride of Loss of Rainforest. I had just been to Borneo and am going to Sumatra. (Stay tuned on that!) So, I was able to have a lot of input which felt good. And, you will be hearing about that as well!

Ultimately, there was a lot of self examination, self responsibility while coming together in collaboration, priding up if you will, to look at how we would solve issues for ourselves and the planet.

We laughed, we cried, we released and we held each other up. And there was ceremony.  And a cauldron (always necessary around Halloween).


We felt the sublime presence of the wonderful white lions all the way from the Timbavati, in South Africa.  And my cats are still in feline bliss. Buster Keaton and Henry are emulating the two brothers of the white lion royal family, Zukhara and Matsieng.


How is it that we were dealing with something so intense (our own stuff and global travesties) and come out so inspired? We were with an amazing human who has seen the worst and is out spreading hope as we take our power back with pride.

I can’t wait for next year!!

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