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Much ado about Chakras!

There is much talk about human chakras but not a lot of understanding about animal chakras, or how it works for animals, where they are located or why it matters! Yet, like humans, this very complex system can simplify our understanding of their behavior and/or health. Animal chakras can also give us an indication of how things will progress for an animal physically or physiologically. It can also be a roadmap to what has happened in an animal’s life even if we don’t know the history or have access to a great animal communicator!

In both of my books Communication with all Life (Hay House) and Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True) there are descriptions of chakras. In Energy Healing for Animals, I go deeper with the descriptions – yet there are so many more aspects to the system so this class was born out of that.

Balancing the chakras leads to a calmer animal. All healing, whether it is a healing of the physical body, emotional life and or the behavior of the animal starts with one thing – the ability to relax. Balancing the chakras is a very simple technique that you will learn in this class.

An explanation, excerpted from Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True)

“You may have already heard of the chakras as an energy system that humans have. Animals have them too. To visualize what they look like, you can picture spinning wheels or discs, centered in the physical body along the spine and extending outward from the body too. Some see a chakra as a vortex, a whirling, three-dimensional mass. Perhaps it’s easiest to imagine a cone-shaped funnel extending from the physical body, with the slimmest point actually planted in the body.

The chakras are associated with locations in the physical body and with themes. Think of it this way: each chakra, in either you or your animal, holds specific information based on individual history, and it also contains the potential of what each chakra represents.

Imagine that the chakras categorize our experiences for us throughout the body. If something isn’t jelling in our personal, emotional, or physical environment, these power centers can potentially lose strength, leading to illness. There are also behavioral repercussions associated with weak chakras. I always think of the chakras as different theme parks that are all interrelated—it’s sort of like going to Orlando!

Through conscious thought and clearing techniques, each chakra also holds the potential to create wellness or better behavior. In the descriptions of the chakras that follow, I’ll first focus on the human chakras—because, after all, your first job as the emotional leader is to balance your own energy—and then I’ll move to an in-depth examination of animals and what a disturbance in each of these areas could mean.”

“Joan’s teaching style is clear and crisp. Her dedication and support for her students is unmatched. People are drawn to Joan because she believes animal telepathy is a skill that we can all learn. Her natural teaching and storytelling abilities are infused with a unique combination of dry wit and generosity of spirit that make her classes the most engaging I have ever taken.”  –Kara Udziela

Having a deep understanding of what each chakra is enables you to look at your own animals differently. You will be able to assess where the animal is physically and/or emotionally when you take this course. There are also video tools to understand how the chakras spin, where they are located on the animal and how to check each chakra remotely.

When I first got started with energy work back in the late 1980’s, there wasn’t a handbook about animal chakras. In fact, people looked at me sideways when I inquired about it. Most healing back then was taught for humans. I was fortunate to have great teaching, and a lot of experience in order to bring this about. It is a culmination of years of studying, years of doing work as an energy healer and an animal communicator and years of watching as things improve for animals when their humans have a deeper understanding of what is going on.

I’ve even had a dog trainer tell me that in all the teachings in the big program, the most valuable aspect for her dog training and assessment of animals is the chakra teaching I do in Communication with All Life University (CWALU). I would love for you to have that same value and understanding of their systems that she enjoys whether you are working with animals now or in the future or you simply want a better understanding of your own companion.

“For the last couple of decades, a phone call to Joan is the first thing I do when I have issues with my pets. She is a most compassionate and intuitive healer with an uncanny ability to zero in on what’s ailing them.”  Jane Lynch, Actress, Animal Advocate

This course comes with 7 audios on the individual chakra system and 1 audio about the energy fields of animals. 8 PDF’s just on the individual chakras. One PDF/Booklet called Much Ado About Chakras, Analysis and Balancing the Chakra System. That booklet explains how to use a pendulum to analyze the chakras individually and as a whole system. The booklet has video/visual instructions as well as pictures and of course written instruction. Lastly, there are instructions for an energetic technique of balancing the chakras.

What some of my peers have to say:

“I know Joan Ranquet to be a master animal healer, trainer, teacher, and communicator. I have the greatest love and respect for her “unusual gifts and talents.”   Alan Davidson, Author

“There is nothing more important to me – more precious to my heart – than my beloved dogs.   They are in every way to me my children.   There is nothing I would not do for them – nothing I would not give them to ensure their happiness, wellbeing, and safety.  After 30 years of working within the spiritual and metaphysical world, I have experienced many healers and intuitives.  And in all of that time I have never come across anyone as gifted, in tune, and connected to the animal Kingdom as Joan Ranquet.  She has conversed with every “four pawed child” of my adult life with undeniable accuracy.   The result has been happier and longer lives for all of them.” Radleigh Valentine, Author

Here’s the format:

PDF About Chakras –

This is a simple overview to get you excited about learning how the whole thing works!

Chakra 1 Audio and PDF – Chakra 7 Audio and PDF

While the audio corresponds with the PDF, going into great detail about the location, the energetic and emotional meaning of the chakra, the color, the organs that it is aligned with, the physiological systems it is connected to and the qualities of the associated with the chakra, the audios take a deep dive into how that would manifest for an animal. The audio continues to share what body/energy work or modalities would best serve challenges in this

Energy Medicine Chakra 1 Audio/First Chakra PDF
Chakra 1, This PDF/Audio examines the profound understanding about the fight or flight aspect of the most domesticated of animals and that the tell-tale signs are right there in this first chakra. Including how much a tail can inform us of what is going on emotionally for our animal companions.

Chakra 2, This PDF/Audio examines the relationship between the animal and the humans, the other animals in the household and the creativity and purpose for the animal.

Chakra 3, This PDF/Audio examines the self esteem, continues with the purpose of the animal companion from chakra 2 and goes into all of the physiological aspects of this filtering/digesting system.

Chakra 4, This PDF/Audio looks at the heart of the animal, literally and figuratively. Some of the deepest emotions, grief, unconditional love, joy, sit in this chakra.

Chakra 5 This PDF/Audio has a lot creativity settled into this small area but it is also the seat of the thyroid. Many physical as well as emotional/behavioral issues can be fine- tuned here.

Chakra 6 This PDF/Audio looks at the Intuition for animals, knowing that many species have a sonar system here in this location. Their third eye is wide open. If it is not, this is something to examine.

Chakra 7 This PDF/Audio delves deeply into what the animal would consider spiritual and how humans are truly an agent for their trust in the divine.

AUDIO – Chakra 8 The Energy Field of the animal, the aura. Animals are so in tune with their field of energy. In fact, more in tune than humans are. Their survival depends on it. They are also connected by this web of energy, in their herd, pack, pride, flock or now – our multi-species homes. This web of energy that we cocreate with our animals is called morphic resonance according to Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. This field of energy is so connected that the need for communication isn’t as great because everyone is feeling into the energy field. As referred to in Energy Healing for Animals, Emotional Leadership on the part of the human is how to maintain harmony in this field of energy called our household.

PDF/Booklet – Much Ado About Chakras, Analysis and Balancing the Chakra System

This goes into how to analyze the chakras by using a pendulum and other guiding tools are mentioned here. With much practice you will be able to sense on your own without the tools. There are videos and written instruction on how to check chakras and their location. There is training on how to clear the chakras, leaving a balanced chakra and energy system.


Audio: Interview with Marie Manucherie, Energy Healer, Intuitive and author of Intuitive Self Healing

Audio: Interview with Jean Slatter, Intuitive, Coach and author of Hiring the Heavens

Audio: Introduction to Animal Communication with Joan Ranquet

PDF: Overall Wellness
This booklet reviews the simple things we have control of in our household to create a healthy environment for our animals. It has a brief description of label reading, a look at vaccinations, and how to create a high frequency environment and lots more, so that your animal experiences perfect health and wellness.

Some of the benefits of the class:

• You will understand the energetics of behavior challenges
• You will understand the energetics of health challenges
• You will understand the physical components that could manifest from heavy emotions
• You will see how profoundly the energy field is affected for animals
• You will see the possible emotional component of illness or lameness
• You could bypass ever having to learn animal communication or medical intuition by being able to sense, analyze and balance the chakras!

FAQ’s: – unanswered customer questions/answer objections

How does one “heal” the chakras?

First and foremost, you are not just looking to heal the chakra but to understand that it is a key to understanding the emotional or physiological challenges for the animal. You would want to support the emotional and/or physical challenge as best you can and balance the chakras. This way, healing comes about organically.

What if I can’t sense chakras?

In the beginning it is great to use tools like a pendulum. From there, if you keep practicing, you will have a “sense” of them in no time.

What if I’m not intuitive?

First of all, everyone is! If you don’t trust your intuition, it is fine. You can use other tools until you get good at it and hopefully that will lead to trusting yourself.

If the animal isn’t in front of you, can you still check their chakras?

Absolutely! Just like animal communication and healing can take place remotely, so can sensing a chakra and balancing it.


• About Chakras PDF
• 7 audios and PDF’s on the chakras and therelationship to behavior and wellness and the human component
• Audio on the 8th chakra, the energy field of the animal
• Much Ado About Chakras, Analysis and Balancing the Chakra System PDF/Booklet (includes videos for using a pendulum)
• Audio AET Interview with Marie Manucherie
• Audio AET Interview with Jean Slatter
• Audio Introduction to Animal Communication with Joan Ranquet
• PDF Overall Wellness

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