Animal Communication – Weekly Program Breakdown

Animal Communication

So, how does a live call work? 

During class, I send students a picture of an animal. We then do a meditation that aids connection with that animal and students share their experience and the information they received. Next, I offer guidance and coaching to help them build their telepathic muscle. Direct feedback is the only way to get verifiable information in this process. 

What if I have to miss the live call? 

Students who can’t make the live call will have an opportunity to follow along with the recording. They will still receive verifiable feedback.

Weekly Program Breakdown

12-Week Schedule 

*All courses begin at 11:00 am PST unless otherwise stated.
*There will be a 2-week break for the 4th of July holiday.

Lesson 1 – Animal Communication Fundamentals

  • “What is telepathy and how does it work?”
  • Intro to Animal Communication

Lesson 2 – Animal Communication 101

  • Animal Communication 101
  • Guided Meditation

Lesson 3 – Animal Communication 101 part 2

  • Animal Communication 101
  • How to Scan

Lesson 4 – Intuition

  • “Ethics and Animal Communication/Intuition”
  • Sixth Sense Consulting

Lesson 5 – Tools for Animal Communicators & Healers

  • Feng Shui
  • Asking the heavens for help.

Lesson 6 – Looking at Animal Behavior

  • Observing behavior of Cats, Dogs, and Horses.
  • Training, EFT, and Animal Education.

Lesson 7 – Hierarchy of a Household

  • Dynamics/Purpose
  • Training Animals for Film & Television.

Lesson 8 – Nutrition Basics

  • Wellness and Nutrition – Western & Eastern Medicine.
  • Dog, Cat, and Horse Health and Nutrition.

Lesson 9 – Intro to Death, Dying & Lost Animals

  • Death, Dying, and Loss
  • How to help in the various stages of crossing over.

Lesson 10 – Bodywork

  • Body Work
  • Acupressure Points, Animal Massage, and Rehab for Animals post surgery.

Lesson 11 – Intro to EFT and Scalar Wave

  • Intro to EFT
  • Scalar Wave, Reiki, Dog Yoga, and Homeopathy.

Lesson 12 – Energetic Technologies

  • The Energetics of Allergies
  • Eastern & Western medicine, Sound Healing, Herbs, and more!