Beginning EFT for you and your Animals Digital Class

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) helps to mitigate the unwanted feelings that run our nervous system – the kind of feelings we can’t “hide” from our animal companions.  Because we can’t hide them, our animals sense and sometimes prey off of these feelings, only to compound the situation.

JoanRHorsesClass # 1 Tapping the fear away

If you have ever experienced fear from an animal or about an animal because of a situation, this is the call for you.  This will be a great call for:

  • anyone wanting to “get back in the saddle”
  • anyone who has a dog that has attacked someone (animal or human)
  • anyone who has been attacked by an animal
  • anyone who has two animals fighting at home

And much, much more.

Class # 2 Tapping the Behavior away

Does your animal have a certain behavior that you have tried EVERYTHING to get them to move beyond it?  You know you’re emotionally invested and yet you can’t help yourself when you see the animal doing it, only compounding the situation even more.  This will be a great call for you!

Class # 3 Tapping into the health challenge

When we have a health challenge with our animal companions, we frequently have expectations, a sadness around a past health crisis maybe with another person or animal or we just aren’t emotionally as strong as we’d like to be in the face of a health challenge.  This is a great call to help take the edge off the big emotions.


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