Better Animal Communication Tip #5: Exercise

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Exercise helps everyone! Just as we need the endorphins from getting a good workout, they do too. We all need the relaxed mind after working out. Exercise uses up all of that extra energy – after a good brisk walk or play in the park, you can let go of the guilt of being gone. You can let go of the crap that fills your mind in the rest of the world.

Remember, they take on our emotions whether we are leaders or not in the household.

This is not only necessary for dogs, but for cats as well. What I didn’t mention last week about Toy Parade was that my dog, Olivia, basically recreated a game she played with the cat, Alexandria (both no longer with us).

Cats have been catered to and as a result they have massive kidney failure and obesity. Where in the world does a wild cat have a buffet?

Exercise is necessary for all beings.

(Oh hello, especially including cats!) It is good for balancing blood sugar, organs, and circulation, as well as, mental health. Cats need exercise as much as dogs, horses and humans do. So get out those toys and engage in the fun and exercise!

Which brings us to… Tip #6: Be The Great Person Your Animals Think You Are

What do you do to exercise your animals?

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