Circles of Light Book Review

Circles of Light

Circles of LightThe further I read into Communication With All Life, the more I realized that Ranquet clearly connects with animals on some level which I clearly do not experience personally. I felt her spirituality and unconditional love for animals clearly in the text. Her concern for respect and dignity for our companion animals is clearly expressed, and concepts such as allowing a pet to pass on to the next realm with dignity instead of euthanasia I can thoroughly relate to. I could also relate to Ranque’s goals of helping pets live in harmony with humans, thinking and visualizing the positive instead of the negative, and believing in power of spirituality, prayer, and meditation.

I found a small section on how to meditate and how to pray which can be extremely useful for anyone seeking greater spirituality. I cannot say that I related well with all the case studies or stories about clients Ranquet has worked with in the past.  However, you may well find the case studies the most enjoyable part of the text.

This book could be very insightful for any animal lover. It focuses on cats, dogs, and horses, so those who live with these animals as companions can  especially benefit. Also, the concepts will apply to any pet.

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