Communication With All Life Book And CD Review by Meg’s Moxie

Communication with all life is possible if you can be open to listening.

With two dogs and two cats in a busy household, hissing, barking, and fights can ensue.  Our pets can get sick without warning or start zipping around the house for no apparent reason.   The problem is, we don’t really know why.  Joan Ranquet sent me her new Communication with All Life book and CD in exchange for my honest review, and I can’t wait to share some results!

In Joan’s book, Communication with All Life, she shares her story of how she came to be an animal communicator.  Growing up with horses, she shares her journey of taking care of them while dealing emotionally with the loss of her pets and issues with family.  What I really enjoyed was not only hearing her story, but reading of all of the great stories in which she communicates with people’s pets telepathically in order to resolve issues in different households.  These animals tell her through words and images what is going on and how they are feeling, and she is able to relay this information to the owners!

When I initially received the book and CD, I have to admit that I was a little skeptical.  After all, are we REALLY able to communicate with any animal?  And in my house, where there is constant noise from the TV, the animals rough housing from time to time, and barely a moments peace, could I really connect with my animals on an open level?  This is where the CD comes in to help.

The Communication With All Life Guided Meditation CD is narrated by Joan herself as she walks you through pushing aside any thoughts for the day and anything that is going on so you can focus on your pets and not yourself.  The point of communicating with your animals is that you also send them images or words to describe what you are thinking, and then let them have the chance to communicate with you.  It was my turn to become open to communicate with my pets, and my results are below.

We had a few issues with wetting accidents on the carpet.  I wasn’t sure which animal was doing it.  I formed an image in my head of my cat Bella using the litter box.  No more than 5 minutes later, she walked down the hallway and used it.  We have had issues where the cats were eating the dog food that is normally on the floor.  The cats eat up on their own table in a separate area.  I caught my cat Taz eating the dog food, so I said his name sharply.  Catching myself, I calmed down and pictured him eating up on his table.  Not long after that, he jumped up on his table to eat!  Taz has an issue where his food doesn’t stay down every time, and I did try to figure that out.  But on my attempt to connect with him, all I saw was a pink color in my mind.  I couldn’t quite connect just then.  But I won’t ever give up on attempting to connect with all of my pets now that I have the tools to do so.

In addition to the two products above, Joan Ranquet also has an Animal Communication 101 ebook on Amazon.  She also travels to do readings and events! I have to again say that I was at first skeptical, but this woman really does have a special gift!  The above experiences really were my findings after reading Joan’s book and using the CD.  But I would definitely say that if you want to really connect with your animals on a spiritual or emotional level, check out Joan’s book and CD.

Disclosure: I was sent the Communication With All Life Book and CD from Joan Ranquet, however all of my opinions and experiences above were completely my own.

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