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I was thrilled when I received the opportunity to review “Communication with All Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator” by Joan Ranquet. I always want to connect with my fur babies on a deeper level, and this book teaches you how to do just that.

The book has two parts. In the first section, Joan Ranquet details her experiences as an animal communicator while in the second section she shares valuable tools and information about how you can communicate with animals yourself. I love how Joan uses stories of animal communication experiences she’s had to illustrate concepts.

One tool I’ve personally utilized with my own cats is affirmations. Positive affirmations can help you communicate desired behaviors to animals. I was a little skeptical about this tool because it sounds so easy! I decided it was definitely worth a try though. I try to keep an open mind about new things.

The behavior I wanted to get Jewel to engage in was to lay on my bed with me at bedtime instead of staying in her cube. Staying in her cube isn’t a bad thing. I just enjoy her company on my bed, and I sleep better when I have a cat near me.

So I started saying things to Jewel in my “what a good cat voice,” like, “Jewel loves sleeping on my bed with me at night. Mommy loves Jewel to sleep by her. Jewel loves to be near her mommy. This is special Mommy and Jewel time.”

Before I knew it, Jewel was spending more time on my bed when it was bedtime! In fact, last night, she slept with me for hours!! I can definitely tell you that the affirmations are helpful in getting your pets to engage in desired behaviors.

Joan also has a meditation CD that accompanies her book. Her meditation CD is called “Communication with All Life: Guided Meditation.” Joan takes you through a guided meditation that helps you release your thoughts and emotions, which allows you to be open to receiving messages from animals.

Joan’s book and CD are both excellent tools for learning how to communicate with animals. I believe anyone who desires a deeper connection to animals will enjoy the book and CD.

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