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I got to talk to a superstar today. I actually was there because of the other dog, Winter is having hind end troubles. Oddly enough he does well with wheels. I say oddly enough because, the reason his person, Ruth and I met is when Winter was 2 1/2 he freaked out pulling a cart and wouldn’t do it for the dog shows. This was 9 years ago. At the time, his brother Max was a champion. Max is long since gone. Winter is 11 and now he’s getting around with wheels. Ah the ironies in life. If it weren’t for his cart phobia I wouldn’t have met him, Ruth or Max. And Max and I had many sessions together for years and years.
There are Max stories in my book, Communication with all Life. Ruth came to one of the book signings at Barnes and Noble with the dogs. She’s been a big fan of my work and I hers. And now Tonka is coming up the show ranks. So I got to work on Winter and talk to Tonka today.

This is Ruth and Tonka in full action: Awesome. They are quite a team. And I’ll tell you Tonka is great at Obedience, carting, agility, freestyle – all of it.

And Winter of all things is a superstar just with sheer will. He is getting himself around like an amazing superstar.

And if you play this video – I’m warning you – your dogs may end up barking!

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