CWALU – where the dream of Communicating with animals becomes a reality

Some of our recent graduates

CWALU – where the dream of Communicating with animals becomes a reality!

  • Do you feel deeply connected to animals and you want to work with them but you haven’t figured out how?
  • Are you an animal caregiver that has amazing intuition and you wanted to feel more confident about what you experience?
  • Are you working for someone as an animal caregiver and know you have so much more to offer?
  • Are you a professional that is looking to leave Corporate America and work with animals?
  • Are you an artist or in the healing arts professionally and you want to branch out and work with animals?

Communication with all Life University is a comprehensive program that ranges from

digital class

Talk to the Animals 6 Week Digital Class
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digital class

Beginning EFT for you and your Animals
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Live Teleseminar

EFT for Animals – Beginning – Advanced
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Weekend Workshops

  • Available to anyone for fun or to get your toes wet!

  • Early Bird Special
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Full-Time Program

  • Includes lots of Animal Communication training, electives (continuing education), coaching and professional polishing

  • Cost
    Pay all at once: $7,997
    Payment plans available
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Home Study Course

  • The Home Study Course is perfect for those who can’t travel.

  • The Animal Communication Home Study Course is designed for the student to study in the privacy of their own home. A weekly PDF is delivered electronically as well as videos and Mp3’s for the student to peruse.  This is an introduction to Animal Communication and healing techniques and modalities.  This should whet the appetite of the student who wants to work with animals but isn’t sure just how yet.
  • Cost
    Pay all at once:  $897
    Payment plan: 3 payments of $397
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The dream of being able to communicate with animals as a child grew so big…it was no longer a question of is it possible, rather, how can I do this?CWALU, a comprehensive Animal Communication Certification program graduated its first class of Animal Communicators and tripled enrollment in 2010. Founder, Joan Ranquet, Animal Communicator and Author is creating well rounded Animal Communicators, intuitive animal practitioners and educated pet owners through the offerings of full/part time enrollment or continuing education for pet owners.  The program is taught through ongoing online tele-seminars or weekend workshops (all available to the animal loving public) quarterly throughout the country – and now even online virtual weekend workshops via teleseminar.

Ranquet’s teaching expertise helps the average pet lover discover their intuitive gifts on a very simple level within as little as 3 hours – in a short course.  This certification program takes the student deep into the world of an Animal Communicator.  Her program underscores the need for extreme variety of expertise as a day in the life for an Animal Communicator.  Additionally, a strong sense of anatomy, physiology, behavior, nutrition and wellness, how to handle lost animals as well as common sense and an ability to put people at ease to make big decisions is necessary.

Examiner: Seven top-notch graduates from CWALU
CWALU, the acronym for Communication With All Life University, will be presenting seven superb graduates for the 2013 season. This year marks their fourth graduating class. The individuals attending this unique university concentrate their studies for a year. They work on mastering their animal communication skills while learning numerous healing modal qualities. This is all carried forth in the form of teleseminars, weekend workshops, guest expert speakers and personal electives.

What Others Say About the Program


Student Testimonial

University Videos

Explains briefly the homework concept – and if you see how she organized it, you may also really get the benefit of journaling this process.

See what Sarah Glaser picked as an elective and how she created a “Scholarship” for herself.

Clutter Jumping

A Teacher Training program has also been created for those that want to teach as the University expands.

Animal Education Teleseminars is like a Continuing Education program via teleseminar.

The teleseminars are a wonderful opportunity to get a sampling of other practitioners to send your clients to, could be the elective you pick or it could be your life calling!

The package currently includes prerecorded teleseminars from such experts as:


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