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Beginning – Advanced Animal Communication, Death and the Art of Crossing Over and Energy Healing for Animals

Enjoy the Early Bird Special:

Beg. – Adv. Animal Communication, September 30, October 1st and 2nd

Death and the Art of Crossing Over, October 3-6

Energy Healing for Animals October 7-9

Fri. Noon – 5:00 PM, Sat. & Sun. 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

CWAL University Weekend Workshops   Animal Communication Weekend Workshops   CWAL University Weekend Workshops

Students learn how animals communicate with each other as well as how to enhance human/animal relationships. Students do exercises to deepen intuition and learn telepathy: sending and receiving pictures, words and feelings. Students start with very basic questions with the first animal.  Then the students move on to working with pictures to communicate with animals at a distance. On Saturday (second day of the workshop), the students practice with several different animals. On Sunday (third day of the workshop) the students move on to behavioral and health challenges with Joan’s guidance, to hone this skill.

This is a safe environment to develop the telepathic “muscle”.  It is reactivating a communication skill set that humans utilized as infants.  In this setting, rather quickly, students go from simple images to complex concepts to understand and assist the animal they are communicating with.  This environment creates confidence and camaraderie among other like-minded people.

Prerequisite: none – everyone welcome.

Lunch will be provided Saturday & Sunday. Light snacks will be provided Fri., Sat. & Sun. Drinks – coffee, tea, water will be provided Fri., Sat. & Sun. Feel free to bring any additional snacks or drinks that you wish to have. Please notify us to any special dietary needs i.e. Vegetarian

Please dress comfortable & bring “barn safe” shoes with you. It’s not always guaranteed that we will work with horses, please dress accordingly just in case. If you are afraid of horses, you will not be required to work on one!!

Please be aware of weather conditions and bring enough clothing to be comfortable inside or outside.

There is a lot of meditation and sitting, so if you have back problems please bring whatever you need to sit comfortably for the day.

Bring a pen, notepad & photos of your animals printed out to share in class.

If you would like to sponsor a class, please contact Joan and find out what the requirements are and get on Joan’s schedule!

For Information and Reservations

Contact: Joan Ranquet |

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