The CWALU Full Time Program Requirements

Beginning – Advanced Animal Communication Modules – Full Time Required

The Beginning – Advanced Animal Communication weekend workshops are at the heart of the program.  Never has there ever been a weekend workshop that was like another… other words because there are always students joining just for the weekend, the CWALU Full Time student really gets the opportunity to communicate with a variety of animals in a guided and safe environment.  Also the student connects with many other like-minded people.  Four of these weekend workshops are required for the full time student and each are 3 day workshops.

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Between the modalities covered in Animal Alchemy, the depth of understanding of Death, Dying and Lost Animals, and looking at how to market the new Animal Communicators practice, these Specialized Classes really add to the student’s palette and breadth of understanding.

Advanced Animal Communication Teleseminars – Full Time Required

There will be (12) one & a half – two hour long teleseminars throughout the year.  This is an in depth Advanced Animal Communication class on the phone.  Students are e-mailed the picture of the animal that will be communicated with and during class, the group talks to the animals.   This is a profound experience for many as it continues a guided connection to the animals and to the fellow students.  Homework is given out each class.

The Animal Education Teleseminar Calls (AET Calls)  Full Time Welcome

At least one Monday night a month

This is a series of calls with Animal Experts, Authorities and small business experts.  Throughout the year, Joan interviews the various experts.  Full and Part Time students are welcome to join live and ask questions.  In the original Full and Part time package, 33 AET were guaranteed and now, as of this writing, over 43 wonderful calls are available by Mp3.  Current students and graduates are eligible to listen to the prior calls at any time.

AET calls are informative and educational calls into a wide range of training, healing and competitive disciplines.  There have been calls with everything ranging from holistic vets, homeopathic vets, animal massage, dog yoga, Feng Shui to balance the home, Healing Touch for Animals, Acupressure, an Equine Olympic coach, Dog and Cat nutrition, horse nutrition, dog & cat behaviorists, hoof specialists, healing with crystals, essential oils for animals, marketing a small business, equine dentistry,  and much, much more!

Regan Golob

Regan Golob is one of the AET lecturers as well as the teacher for one of Joan’s favorite electives in the program.

These calls give the students a glimpse into a wide range of subjects or avenues one can go to assist clients in helping their animals.  It is also a way to create resources for the students and perhaps inspire them in a direction to choose their electives.  Who knows, a student could hear their true life calling on one of these calls and have the perfect teacher to go study with on the line!

5 Hours of Private Consultations  (Mentor calls) – Full Time only

These calls are designed to help the student stay the course with the program.  Since personal growth is inherently built in to the program, these calls can be used to discover and release the blocks that stand in the way of the student creating the future they want, to help build their business, to push forward in their endeavors once they have graduated or even just to choose an elective.

Electives – Required Full Time

There are several reasons for the electives:

  • Students create an amazing new skill set that you can use in tandem with Animal Communication;
  • Students learn about anatomy, physiology and the energetic system;
  • Students create a wonderful new resource for yourself as a practitioner – creating “community”
    •    One of these modalities may be the true life calling.
Susan Crawford

Susan Crawford, DC teaching Cranial/Sacral for Equines, Canines and Felines!

Many graduates and students have taken the body balancing 2 week program of Regan Golob, one graduate studied dog massage.  Other graduates have chosen EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Cranial Sacral, Crystals, Essential Oils to name a few.  Joan has a list of wonderful practitioners that she considers to be authorities in their field.  A student is more than welcome to take something off the list as long as it fulfills the necessities of understanding the basics of either the physical or energetic system.

Plus University Master Mind Calls with Joan – Full Time welcome

These calls for students from all classes to master-mind with Joan and other students.  These calls will be live and hosted by Joan on select Mondays this is where we review homework, issues, and answer questions, etc.

Homework – Full Time welcome

The Homework for the students is set up between the students by Joan.  Sometimes the students are given additional homework of connecting with potential clients outside the University.  Following through with the homework is vital as it gives the students the opportunity to continue to practice their skills in a safe environment.  It also creates lifelong friendships with others on the same path.

Clearing – Full Time welcome

Being true to one’s self and clearing is a vital component for any type of healing to work.  The more the practitioner, healer or Animal Communicator stays true to their own healing process, the more neutral they can be.  The more neutral a practitioner can be, the healer maintains an even bigger capacity to serve.  Clearing is also vital so that the Animal Communicator doesn’t get bogged down or take on their clients “stuff”.  This is constantly a subject for the students to review.

The Soul’s Journey

It is a given that the student will grow immeasurably by committing to this program.  It will be up to the individual as to which way they go.

Upon graduation, the student has completed 119 classroom hours, 60 hours of Advanced Animal Communication teleseminars, exposure to at least 50 training and/or healing modalities in the AET not to mention close to 60 hours of homework. This is a solid amount of training to go out and feel confident!

With the exposure to so many different things, and hours spent in electives, the student can then make a choice if they want to continue on and specialize in a certain vein.  Many graduates are following the dream of being an Animal Communicator.  Yet, some students are truly combining Animal Communication with another modality to create a very wonderful combination to help the Animal Kingdom and secure work for themselves doing what they love.  For example, some graduates focus on Animal Communication and healing, or Animal Communication and body work, or Animal Communication and nutrition – to name a few.

Other students express an interest to concentrate on Lost Animals or being able to assist in the crossing over stage.  Some students want to emphasize working with cats.  Others want to work with horses or dogs…..between these specialized classes and the Animal Education Teleseminars (AET) – students have a wide range of opportunities to create a niche market for themselves.

Payment Options:

Pay Upfront and Save

Pay Upfront & Save: $7,997 (best deal!) Pay all at once

Easy Pay

$995 Deposit , 4 monthly installments of $2,050 (4consecutive months). Pay your deposit today and get started!

Monthly Payments

$700/mo. – $796 Deposit & 12 monthly installments of $700.00 a month. $20.00 per workshop lunch fee not included. Pay your deposit today and get started!


Class handouts and all materials created by Joan for classes are included for free except for shipping cost of any materials that need to be mailed to students.

Joan is constantly working on creating discounts for her students with regard to electives and products.

Students pay an additional $20 fee each class to cover food, drinks & snacks during workshops. (not included in tuition).

Please note that an prices mentioned above are strictly Communication with all Life University.  Electives are separate but necessary commitments.

Since students travel far and wide for these workshops, a list of local reasonably priced B & B and hotels can be obtained from Joan.  Also, Joan likes to do group activities or “field trips” – this can be anything from pumpkin carving (October class) to going to Snoqualmie Falls, to the Space Needle to a ghost tour, or to seeing the Documentary: Buck as a group.  This is not included in the cost.  It is always great fun!


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