Cynthia’s Story | The Amazing Work of CWALU’s Students and Teachers

I love hearing about the amazing work of CWALU’s (Communication with All Life University) students and teachers. This story comes from Heather Howell, dog trainer and owner of Tails of Mana rescue ( who placed a difficult dog after working closely with Cynthia Stewart. Together, they transformed Ohana.  Cynthia used everything in her CWALU Toolbag: 

Animal Communication, Scalar Wave, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping.

“Cynthia has been working with Ohana for about 7 months.  Today she got to come see him in person before he goes to Maine to his forever home.  His last foster mom, Sam is coming to pick him up Saturday the 12th and flying back Sunday the 13.  That morning Ohana was in a mood!  Cynthia was worried he might still be in a mood.  On her way here, there was a giant truck behind her tailgating.. This annoyed her.  But as she pulled away from the truck she looked in the rear view mirror. The lic plate read: “Ohana 75”.  7+5 is 12. The day Sam comes. Hmmmm 

Ohana came from Iran and was failed over and over again. And again and again. But a year and half old he had not been in one place for more than 4 months and that was the longest.  The last time his adopters gave up after just two days. Despite wanting to see him through and understanding his past,  they were just not equipped to help the way they wanted to.  I had been involved with Ohana from the beginning as his trainer for the rescue.  At this point I said enough. He comes to me and stays until he’s adopted. Sam and her boyfriend came everyday to take him on adventures. The rescue dumped him in an email. And I was fine with that as they had failed him.  I had his back and would keep him safe!  Sam moved to Maine in October and wanted to bring him with her. But her boyfriend said no. So we decided she would look for a home there and I would look here. She found what we all believe is now, the perfect home.  He is a special boy who will challenge people he doesn’t know and trust. And even those he does!  I have worked with him with Cynthia’s help and I could tell the difference after her work.  He is finally ready to move on. We all love this boy so much!   

So that’s his story and how a team of people fell in love with him and saw his soft side and refused to give up. 

His name was Aslan and we wanted to change it. Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. 

The very first time I called him Ohana. He smiled so big and came running. He knew already.  

(Bawling as I type lol.)”

I have zero doubt that he would’ve come this far this fast without Cynthia’s work. 

He even let a strange man pet him today and yesterday a girl. And when she heard his story, she called to him and he came right away and gave her kisses and let her touch his face.”For more info on Cynthia Stewart, go to

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