Dynamite Product of the Month

Okay, two products of the month.

Francesca, Mara, dynamite ad

When people come over for dinner or attend workshops here at my farm, they frequently ask me, why my cats’ coats are SO soft?  Why is her tail so fluffy?  Why is their fur so beautiful?  Other than great food, I have one thing to say.  Dynamite.  Seriously.  I have been distributing the product line since 2000.  They have great horse products, dog products, cat products, people products, goat products, products for exotics, soil, cars and more!  Dynamite products are organic, ingredients are made in America, they are GMO free and we have our own mill for dog food and horse grain.  (Which is huge….no cross contamination.)  My pick today for cats:





Purrformance (vitamins and minerals) and catazymes (probiotics and enzymes).   Check it out:  http://dynamitespecialty.myvoffice.com/joanranquet/



If you have any questions, please feel free to email me @ joanranquet@joanranquet.com.

And that beautiful picture of Francesca?  www.maracaseyshoots.com.


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