Free Animal Communication Teleseminar: Rescue is Not a Breed – Emotional Freedom Technique

Free Animal Communication Teleseminar

Free Animal Communication Teleseminar

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a healing technique that quiets the nervous system, spurs emotional healing, helps physical pain as well as performance anxiety. It is done by tapping on the meridian system of the body.

Now available as a free download from Author and Animal Communicator Joan Ranquet, “Rescue is Not a Breed” EFT Three-part teleseminar!

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[toggle title=”Teleseminar Testimonial”]Hi Joan, I just wanted to share with you a couple of my experiences since the Tapping we did the other night. That same night I was flipping thru TV channels and came to EXTREME MAKEOVER the house edition. It caught my eye because they were helping out a family that recued wild animals, mostly big cats, from magic shows, circuses and a lot from people who got them as babies and then didn’t know what to do with them. Many had been severely abused, mutilated and came to them in pain and very scared. As I watched how the Extreme Makeover people replaced these wonderful people’s home (it was literally falling down around them) they also rebuilt areas for all the animals. One of the tigers had been “declawed”, probably by the people who owned him and he was in so much pain he walked on his elbows. While they were rebuilding the house and animal areas, they had a team of wildlife experts come in and do surgery on this beautiful tiger. By the time this family returned, he was walking and living like the amazing tiger he was. If I would have seen this last week, I may not have been able to watch it because of my reaction to the people who did these things to these precious animals. Either that or I would have been throwing things at the TV and swearing — a lot. Oddly enough, I found myself calmly watching and crying my eyes out as I would have last week as well. But this week I was crying for the new life these babies had and the wonderful people who took them in and nurtured them back to health. I cried for their second chance and the fact that they made it! When I heard the horror stories about what happened to them, I didn’t have a charge with it. I listened and then focused on where they were NOW and how wonderful that was. It was quite a different reaction then I normally would have had. This is quite different then the animal shelter experience, but for me, I thought it was a really good start. I have also found that just overall, I am looking at things differently. I didn’t realize how many times in a day I said, “poor baby” or “how sad” or “I feel bad for so and so”. I realized that when I did that I made them a victim and me a Hero == like you said. Great stuff. I am really looking at changing that thinking around and find that I feel more on an even keel. I found I am even being a little more patient and compassionate with people in general. I just go to a different place with them then I did before. Thanks for sharing this. It was great. “See” you next Monday. Bon [/toggle]

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