Graduation week for Communication with all Life University (CWALU)



I am still recovering from a very busy graduation week for Communication with all Life University (CWALU) followed by a very fun and high octane Beg – Adv. Animal Communication weekend workshop!

I am left here in awe of the people that graced the program.   I’ve been watching as they each have made their way into their new unique career.  

Graduation week is all about making their mission clear, helping them craft a little marketing and really etching out what it is they are meant to do.  It’s also a really fun week of communing with nature and celebrating who they are in the world!

So this is what is being sent out into the world:

graduation week·         One of the graduates already works as an animal communicator out of a holistic veterinarian’s office weekly in Reno. 

·         One of the graduates is already so sought after, she talks to clients on the phone 3 days a week and goes to client’s homes or barns two days a week doing animal communication, EFT and Scalar wave energy healing out of San Diego. 

·         Another gal is starting to rev up her animal communication, EFT, Scalar wave energy healing for animals in Sherman Oaks. 

·         Another graduation who already has a following for her art and is definitely carving a clientele out for herself, offering animal communication, EFT and scalar wave energy healing. 

·         One of the Seattle graduates that came down is certified in small animal massage, bowen for dogs and has an emphasis in performance dogs in addition to her animal communication and energy healing. 

·         I had a great teacher trainer here and the new Dean of Students to assist the graduation.  They are all skilled at medical intuition on top of their amazing animal (and human) communication skills.  

And I could go on and on about how great I think they all are.  Each of them are out blazing a big trail.  Several are going on to Teacher Training with me so I will continue mentoring them!  It has been a very POWERFUL week.  Congrats to all!!


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