How to Calm Your Animal Through EFT Tapping During the 4 th of July

Many people wrote to me thanking me after I shared last year’s EFT Tapping video before the 4th of July.

Why do humans think fireworks are a good idea?

Between the storms and the fireworks on the 4th of July, my dog Olivia was terrified over the years when we lived in Florida. I used lots of techniques from body work to tapping to buying her a Thunder Shirt. I put it on her the nights leading up to the 4th of July so she would do some self calming prior to the big night and so she would be familiar with the shirt.

I thought I would share the tapping video in case you wanted to give it a try yourself.  You can just follow along with me and tap on your own dog.:

Dog EFT Points

If you’d like to download the audio or have the transcript in front of you in PDF form, click here:

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