Is Your Spouse a Litter Mate?

When I’m out at a book signing or meeting students for the first time in a weekend workshop, I can usually tell when they live with a litter mate of the human persuasion.

Here’s a fun survey for you to define if you live with a human litter mate and this applies to adult children, partners and/or housemates:

  • ·         Do they roll around on the floor with your animal companions?
  • ·         Do they have a very soft spoken “no” or command?  Meanwhile, you sound like Godzilla compared to them.
  • ·         Are you amazed that you have to clean up after both of them?
  • ·         Are you constantly thinking you are the authoritarian in the household?
  • ·         Is your human companion more likely to play than work?
  • ·         Or because they have such a stressful day job, your home is their play cave and the dogs partake?

If you’ve answered yes to all of those, you live with a litter mate!  It’s funny, right?  Until you are the only adult in the room.  The ultimate good cop, bad cop scenario.

2016-04-24 17.19.57And maybe you are the litter mate and your spouse is trying to keep it together so your animal companion(s) have some boundaries in place.  And you keep finding ways to rebel and edge the boundaries along toward an endless summer feeling in your household.

It can be really fun and it can be really draining for the humans and confusing for the animals because, well, your animal companions are living with mixed messages.

Either way, amidst the frustration, all is not lost!

Often the humans have big belief systems in place about rules.  One may be all for boundaries and the other thinks it should be a free for all. 

The truth is, whether it is a pack, a herd, a pride, a pod or a flock, animals have systems, rules, jobs, purpose and all of that creates boundaries.  Some of them are unspoken.  But they are there.  And they are created quickly!

2016-01-12 12.07.07

In my second book, Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True) I talk about the idea that we can set the thermostat for harmony.  By doing that, no matter what other energies are in the household, the general vibe is harmony.  Let’s say someone lost their job or one of you is caring for an aging parent or you have a kid that isn’t doing as well in school, all of these add up to chaos at a low roar.

Setting the thermostat to harmony helps to alleviate the household from getting out of control.  Sounds too simple?  Well, there is one thing that all of the healing modalities combined share and that is intention.  So even if you live with a litter mate, together, you can set the intention of harmony.


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