Join me and 24 other experts on how to live an elevated existence


Below you will find an amazing Telesummit series that is VERY cool. I’m very excited to be aligned with this amazing group of new thought leaders. I am forwarding all the information for it as I know you will love some of the content here. I will be the speaker on November 21st. It will be a very fun interview and I know I will be listening to everyone else!

Join me and 24 other experts on how to live an elevated existence

Are you tired of old habits, limiting beliefs and fear holding you back?

What if you could gain access to tools and information proven to help you live your life from a higher level – an elevated level?

Imagine living a life free of limitations, full of opportunities and overflowing with abundance, healing and wellbeing – where struggles with relationships, health, weight, money or career are at a minimum, and love, freedom and happiness are part of your every day experience.

It may sound too good to be true, but I assure you living this way IS possible, and I’m teaming up with 23 other top experts and bestselling authors in the spiritual and self-improvement field to show you how in this extraordinary and free online series called “Living an Elevated Existence Summit” starting Nov.12!

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Presented by the 5-time award-winning publication, Elevated Existence Magazine, which has featured top authors including Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay, as well as spiritual celebrities such as Alanis Morissette, Shirley MacLaine, Melissa Etheridge and Russell Simmons, the “Living an Elevated Existence Summit” will teach you how to live at a higher level – and a higher consciousness – by elevating your mind, body and soul!

Whether you are looking to re-train your mind, heal your body, connect with your spirit, discover your soul purpose or access your intuition, this online series has something for you!

You will hear from experts and bestselling authors including:


  • Sonia Choquette – Tuning into Spirit & Letting Intuition Be Your Guide
  • Arielle Ford – Secrets to Attracting Your Soulmate
  • Hale Dwoskin – The Sedona Method: Heal Yourself By Letting Go
  • Dr. Daniel Amen – Change Your Brain: Healing ADD
  • Julie Daniluk – OWN Network’s Healthy Gourmet: Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Sarah McLean – Transform Your Life With Meditation
  • Morgana Rae – Making Money by Putting Love First
  • Brad Yates – EFT/Tapping for Pain, Fear, Limiting Beliefs & More

And many more!

Best of all, the event is all online, free to listen to, and is taking place over 3 months, with only two live interviews each week. This makes it easier for you to tune into all the amazing advice and access the tools each speaker offers at a comfortable pace!

And since the recordings will be available for a full 48 hours after each interview, you can either listen live, or at any time convenient for you.

Whether you chose to elevate yourself by relaxing with a cup of tea, a warm blanket and your computer in the evening, or in the morning during your daily commute – the choice is yours!

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During this 3-month event, you will gain access to expert advice, tools, methods and techniques to implement into your life right away! Plus, each speaker – including me – will be giving you access to a “Free Gift” and a “Special Offer” just for listeners of the Living an Elevated Existence Summit!

Some of the topic and tools you will learn are:

  • Become a money magnet by putting love first
  • Techniques to stop self-sabotage
  • Eat like a goddess: Put an end to emotional eating
  • Ease into a plant-based/vegan diet
  • Healing with anti-inflammatory foods
  • Using guided imagery and meditation to heal the body
  • The 6 types of ADD & how to heal them
  • Akashic records: How they reveal your soul purpose & more
  • How animals communicate & how to connect with them
  • Tuning into intuition and letting it guide you
  • How to transform your life with meditation
  • The secrets to attracting your soulmate
  • How to use Feng Shui to change your life

And just for signing up, you will get immediate access to these FREE bonus gifts:

  • Panache Desai’s 30-minute “The Pursuit of Happiness” video to discover how to access pure joy in each interaction and every moment – and why happiness is already in your divine nature.
  • Past life regression expert Michelle Brock’s guided past life regression meditation to help you connect with and experience past lives in the comfort of your home.
  • Author Keri Nola’s “Holistic Sleep Affirmation Journey,” audio to promote peaceful sleep.
  • Author Lindsey Smith’s (known as the Food Mood Girl) “Mindful Eating” guided meditation audio

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