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Joan Ranquet Animal Communication Speaking EventsJoan Ranquet is happy to speak at events. “Let’s Talk to the Animals” is the most popular topic. Filled with fun and poignant animal communication stories, Joan will teach how telepathy (transference of pictures, words and feelings) works.

By being consciously aware of this process, people can enhance their relationships with their animal companions, especially when there is a behavioral or health challenge with the animal.

Other popular topics that people have hired Joan for:

  • Intro to Animal Communication (1 hour)
  • Revelations of An Animal Communicator (1-2 hours)
  • Let’s Create Forever Homes
  • Let’s Talk to the Animals (2 hours)
  • Animal Energy Healing & Wellness (2 hours)

A speech can be tailored to suit the needs of a specific group. This could be a rescue organization, a rehab organization, a kennel club, a 4-H or Pony Club group, competition disciplines like agility, field trials or herding for dogs or any equine event. A talk could be tailored also for Animal health care and Animal hospice.


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Joan has been a featured speaker at the Denver Horse Expo in March of 2010 and March of 2002. She was also a featured speaker at the Equine Affair in Jacksonville Florida in 2004, The Greeley Farm Show in Colorado in 2002.

Joan Ranquet Animal Communication Speaking EventsJoan also makes herself available and either reduces or waives her fee for rescue organizations or rehab facilities. This makes for a great fundraiser and raises awareness to help create Forever Homes! Joan has spoken or taught at very successful events for: Las Vegas Valley Humane Society, South Florida SPCA, Pet Rescue by Judy in Orlando, Misha May Foundation in Denver, Co, Sheltie Rescue in Denver, Sonoma Humane Society, Sarvey Wildlife Center in Arlington, Wa. to name a few.

For speaking fees and scheduling, please contact Joan directly, or you can visit her Speaking Events page.

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