Meet my neighbors… The Gibbons!!

gibbonsThese are my neighbors!  Did you know that Gibbons are apes not monkeys?  And they have 17 species? Gibbons are from tropical and subtropical rainforests in India, Indonesia and China.  They are super social and rumor is they are monogamous and mate for life, though the humans at the Gibbon Conservation Center have told me they do get divorced on occasion.

They have love songs that I can hear all the way to my house several times a day.  At first I thought it was some high school pep rally! Turns out it was the Gibbons singing away. They create a signature love song of their own……so cool!

Sadly, Gibbons are critically endangered due to loss of habitat.  We need to have a bigger conversation around this endangered thing.  How can we help?  What do they need?

Every morning I say hello to a couple and their baby.  The young one comes to the fence when he sees the dogs, he knows that I am right behind the dogs!  I feel like getting to know these beautiful Gibbons is a gift in this neighborhood and I am eternally grateful!

I could sit and watch them eat, all day long!

My students are very fortunate in that they get to go to talk to the Gibbons during our Sanctuaries segment of the Spring Intensive!  If you ever wanted to chat with the Gibbons, sign up and join us in April:

Spring “Renewal” Intensive

One day, as I was leaving the farm, I heard them singing. Since the Gibbon Center is on my way out and on my way in, I stopped and recorded their collective song. Check out their songs for yourself:

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