Moxxor’s Omega 3, my FAVE!!

My dogs and I have a very active life.  And we love it.  Like their human (me) some mornings they wake up a little stiff or could use a little extra ‘juice’ for their joints.

I know we all need Omega 3’s.  Our animals need them as well.  I know we can get some Omega 3’s from our diet.  Sadly, much of our food doesn’t hold the value for minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that it once did.  We need to “supplement” our system with additional minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

Moxxor has an off the charts wonderful Omega 3 that is from the Green Lipped Mussel of New Zealand (perna canaliculus).  I’ve been carrying this product for a while now.  I was introduced to it by friend and colleague, Celeste Yarnall, the author of “The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care” as well as many other Holistic minded books for dogs and cats.

My dog Olivia had a hot spot that was so irritating and within minutes of taking these Omega 3’s, her inflammation came down.  That sold me.  The Moxxor Omega 3’s have definitely helped both of our aches and pains.

People are unaware of how much inflammation plays a key role in many conditions and illnesses.  Inflammation is present in everything from Asthma to dermatitis to upper respiratory challenges to name a few.  Of course it is helpful with allergies and heart conditions.

The challenge with a lot of Omega 3’s these days is the source of it…..much of the salmon oil contains the risk of carrying mercury.  The New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel is in a very safe and clean environment, and feeds off the plankton of the pure waterways there. The Maori’s (the local tribe) don’t seem to suffer from the same diseases and ailments that we do here in the West.

I am very grateful for this wonderful product.  Oh and it certainly makes my dog Isabella have a gorgeous shiny black coat!

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