All Things Energy Webinar Bundle: Energy Healing for Animals Digital Bundle

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I’ve put together a bundle of classes for your time at home. It is Energy Healing for Animals Fundamentals, EFT Tapping for you and your Animals, (add comma) and Energy Healing with Scalar Wave.

Energy Healing for Animals Fundamentals ($497)

Energy Healing for Animals Fundamentals is an intensive, three-month module through CWALU that immerses you into the electromagnetic field study for humans and animals.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for You + Your Animals ($197)

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT helps to mitigate the unwanted feelings that run our nervous system – the kind of feelings we can’t “hide” from our animal companions.


Energy Healing for Animals with Scalar Wave ($197)

There’s more to your animal’s wellbeing than grooming and toys. They have challenges and fight or flight tendencies you don’t understand. If you can help them get into their parasympathetic nervous system (or out of fight & flight and into a receptive state), the healing can begin. All healing or behavior changes begin with a state of relaxation. Scalar Wave does this and more!


Energy Healing for Animals Masterclass ($97)

Learn the practical steps of energetic healing for animals with handouts to keep and techniques to practice outside of the classes to develop your skills. 

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