Energy Healing For Animals Single Certification

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Gain Expert Level Energy Healing Proficiency
Make Your Life’s Passion Your Life’s Work

World-renowned Animal Communicator, Joan Ranquet, Presents:

University-Level Teaching in Energy Healing for Animals with Professional Certification

As a student in Communication With All Life University’s Certification Program in Energy Healing For Animals, you will master practical skills that help you navigate the beautiful and complex world of energy work and discover your niche in working with animals. A bonus to doing this deep work is that you will also navigate your own personal journey of healing and wellness as you learn to open up to All Life. Whether you are interested in supporting animals in your own household, performing energetic healing in your professional practice with animals, or if you’ve been wanting to start a business that serves animals and the people who love them – and make a healthy living doing it – this exclusive program dives deeper into energy healing for animals than any other curriculum, and will give you the tools to reach your goals.

You will receive:

Live Zoom Calls
In-Person and Virtual Workshops
Case Studies
Private Coaching
Expert Instructors
Audio/Video Coursework

The Energy Healing for Animals Certification Program dives deep with extensive coursework and hands-on training to develop a high level of mastery in energetic healing.

The University training you will experience includes: 

  • April Renewal 9-Day Intensive ($3,497 retail)
  • October Remember 9-Day Intensive ($3,497 retail)
  • Energy Healing Fundamentals ($497 retail)
  • Energy Healing for Animals Level 1 (2 rounds) ($2,297 each = $4,594 w/Joan)
  • Energetic Anatomy ($397 retail)
  • Introduction to Acupressure and Meridian Touch healing ($497 retail)
  • Level 3 Case Studies (65 Scalar, 65 EFT) - ($1,997 retail)
  • Animal Chakras ($197 retail)
  • Practical Animal Education ($47 retail)
  • Healing in Sanctuaries, Zoos & Rehab Centers, ($27 retail)  
  • Introduction to Animal Medical Intuition ($27 retail)
  • Origin of Inspiration ($27 retail)
  • Nature Connection ($27 retail)
  • Introduction to Nutrition ($27 retail)

*The Basic Silva Method class is also required for certification – cost is $500 for new students (in addition to program cost)

Total Program value purchased separately: $16,249


Single Payment Discount (10%) brings it to: $8,997.30!
(not available with any funding or payment plans)

We also welcome you to apply for our new funding program with EAZE Consulting. Click here to learn more.
- No prepayment penalty (you can pay it off whenever you want)
- No money down (aside from a separate deposit to CWALU to secure your spot in the program)
- Low monthly payments; first payment won't be for 30 days
- Soft credit pull to initially apply (see if you qualify), then a hard credit pull once you commit after seeing all the terms & rates.
- You will have the option to get on a call with a funding specialist if need be to help explain things as well.

**If you have already taken a Live Course or attended an In-Person Retreat, you may qualify for an additional discount. Ask for more details when you APPLY NOW.

Are you wondering if the Energy Healing for Animals Certification Program is right for you? Let’s see if you recognize yourself in some of the other students who have attended the university:

  • Animal lovers who see animals as individuals and desire to create harmony amongst animals or between animals and humans.
  • Animal lovers who want to optimize the wellness of animals in their care – including those with animals in their homes, animal trainers, dog walkers, animal groomers, shelter/rescue workers, pet sitters, animal conservationists – simply anyone who loves and cares for animals.
  • Animal energy healers (or those who desire to heal animals energetically) who are ready to further hone their proficiency and learn how to translate their skills into a career, business, or volunteer opportunity.
  • Veterinarian support teams who desire to elevate their understanding of the whole animal (and, elevate their career and value in the veterinary field as a result).
  • Body work practitioners such as acupuncturists, reflexologists, massage therapists and others who can improve their techniques by understanding the animal’s pain points.
  • Reiki, Pranic, Crystal, Quantum, Qigong and other Energy Healers who desire to incorporate animal healing into their practice.

You can do this for you, or you can do this for a living! Discover what’s right for YOU when you Apply Now for a Journey Call with our Animal Empath Coach:

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