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Private Animal Communication Phone SessionsA private phone session is an Animal Communication session with your animal.  You would e-mail Joan a picture of your animal, arrange for yourself to connect via telephone with Joan and talk to your animal.  This is helpful for behavioral, training and health challenges in particular and is a great general opportunity to deepen your connection with your animal companion.

Animal communication can have the effect of the animal feeling like they got their life story off their chest and can modify their behavior as a result.  During these sessions Animal Communicator Joan Ranquet will help you to understand things as your Animal does, ultimately helping you to reframe the picture of the situation and make different choices as well!

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In many cases, an Animal Communication session isn’t the only magic pill to transform the household to harmony… starts with the caregiver(s).  It may also include more training, veterinary care or body/energy work.  During a session, Joan guides people to take a step back, understand that perhaps the problem is a people perception problem.  A lot of tools for this sort of household makeover are described in her book “Communication With All Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator”.

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