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From Joan’s Animal Business Academy course, this meditation is all about creating a business and a life you love through simple grounding and visualizing tools. It’s downloadable so you can listen to it anytime, any place. Warning: This meditation may cause Inspiration!

It also comes with a PDF form journal to use after you meditate so you can harness that inspiration and get it working for you to help make your dreams come true!

Weekly Course Breakdown

WEEK 1: In a safe atmosphere, I’ll explain the ins and outs of animal communication, walk you through a guided meditation, and talk to the first animal in our series - my horse, Gabrielle.

WEEK 2: This teaching is more advanced than the week before as we talk to another animal – my dog Delilah.

WEEK 3: This week you’ll receive two calls. A Medical Intuition call on scanning an animal for medical issues. Then join me with my cat, Henry, for more insight into animal communication.

WEEK 4: We’ll dive into more advanced animal communication and full body scans with my horse, Anya.

WEEK 5: Join me and my cat, Francesca, for another round of animal communication including a full body scan.

WEEK 6: Meet Abby, a sweetheart puppy with a mind of her own! Here, I’ll instruct you through your last round of animal communication with a full body scan.

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