Spring Renewal Intensive Retreat, Animal Communication, EFT (Emotional Freedom) Technique for Animals and Animal Communication in Sanctuaries

I believe we are all animal communicators……but can you really learn to communicate with animals?

You connect with your animal on an intense level. It’s hard to explain and your friends just don’t understand. You stop talking about it for fear of judgment, yet people still come to you with their animal questions. You crave answers and a safe space to explore this intuition but it’s nowhere to be found. Your emotional and energetic sensitivity with animals is confusing and feels like a burden.

Would you like to start trusting your intuition and learn that this sensitivity isn’t a burden at all, but a gift?

Communication With All Life University (CWALU) is that safe haven. Here, like-minded souls connect through this very curiosity and for the first time, their questions are answered. The ability to sharpen intuition, connect, and communicate with animals on an energetic level is not a skill for the select few. Our planet today has left many animals endangered or unsafe in their natural habitats. Because of this, their only hope is often in a sanctuary (zoo, conservation center, rehab facility), so they need you now more than ever. If you feel compelled to discover what this all means, it’s time to open the door.



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What you’re going to learn 

My workshops are designed to launch you into a building process that teaches solid and tangible animal communication, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and medical intuition skills. From there, students go from barely trusting themselves to applying skillsets that lead them to consistent and confident communication. Some of my most popular programs are:

  • Advanced Animal Communication Workshop

This course not only teaches animal communication, but ways to enhance human/animal relationships. Students learn how to consistently receive a series of pictures, words, and feelings through telepathy.

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping for Humans and Animals Workshop. EFT is a scientifically proven healing method that quiets the nervous system, spurs emotional healing, mitigates behavioral challenges, helps alleviate physical pain, and lessens performance anxiety.
  • Animal Communication and Energy Healing in Sanctuaries Workshop

For animals that are seeking refuge in sanctuaries (conservation centers, rehab facilities, zoos, etc.), this skillset is aimed to make sanctuary life more pleasant and meaningful for animals by communicating, then understanding what their needs are.


My name is Joan Ranquet and I’ve been teaching animal communication and energy healing since 1998. 25 years of experience and a lifetime of love and loss have prepared me to offer this opportunity, one that will forever enrich your life and the life of those around you (animal or human). I felt these same feelings of doubt and confusion decades ago until I had a revelation that I’d now like to share with you: This is a teachable skill. If you come to class with an open mind and an open heart, you too can learn techniques that were once thought to be for ‘the chosen ones.’

I have an exciting offer…

I have an exciting offer. I’ve combined these 3 sought-after workshops into a series of intense, beginner through advanced-level trainings that are now available as a 9-day April Renewal Retreat. Until midnight on February 28th, I’m offering these 3 workshops to you (9 days total) for the

Early Bird Rate of $1268.00

This entire program is normally $1575, $525 for each 3-day program.

But if you take a leap of faith before midnight on February 28th, you’ll secure your spot and SAVE OVER $300!


This incredible value takes place at my private farm in Santa Clarita, California – a beautiful haven (especially in April!). We’ll also shake things up with field trips to animal sanctuaries in my Animal Communication and Energy Healing in Sanctuaries course.

The April Renewal Retreat looks like this:

  • Beginning – Advanced Animal Communication Workshop: April 13-15th
  • EFT for Animals: April 16-18th
  • Animal Communication and Energy Healing in Sanctuaries: April 19-21st

Can you afford to go through life without exploring these abilities any longer?

The FIRST WORKSHOP is Advanced Animal Communication (3 days) where we dive into: 


  • Personal and group intentions for the experience.
  • Understanding telepathy, transference of pictures, words, and feelings.
  • Telepathic exercises.
  • Telepathic communication with an animal.
  • Remote animal communication using photos.
  • Medical intuition scanning with verification.
  • Picture exchange of your animals for a personal communication and medical intuition scan with verification.
  • Communication and medical intuition scan with an animal in their sanctuary.
  • Verification of each other’s communication with more complicated animal behavior, wellness, or emotional challenge with guidance by Joan and/or a facilitator from CAWLU.
  • And so much more!



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The SECOND WORKSHOP is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping for Humans and Animals (3 days) where you’ll experience: 


  • Setting personal and group intentions for the workshop.
  • Overview of EFT and how it works.
  • EFT points for humans.
  • Group tapping on an original wound from the animal kingdom.
  • Investigation and script creation with a partner over a behavioral/emotional challenge at home.
  • Tapping with a partner on human feelings.
  • Tapping on behalf of an animal – remote tapping.
  • Physical tapping on animals: horses, dogs, and cats.
  • And so much more!


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Our THIRD WORKSHOP (final 3 days) is Animal Communication and Energy Healing in Sanctuaries where we explore: 


  • Setting personal and group intentions for the experience.
  • Overview of working with animals in sanctuaries, rehab centers, conservation centers, zoos and/or rescues.
  • Animal communication.
  • Energy Healing Techniques (EFT).
  • Compassion fatigue and ways to mitigate it.
  • Daily field trips to a sanctuary, rehab center, conservation center, zoo and/or rescue.
  • Tour of the sanctuary facilities.
  • And so much more!


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This powerful 9-day experience ends by setting a group intention, along with a plan of action for each student to use these gifts in their local communities. Students leave with advocacy kits and a proactive intention that will lead their community to a better understanding of the global challenges regarding animals, the planet, and how we can make a more elegant conservation impact!

For a day-to-day breakdown of this experience, click here.

joan-30About Joan

Animal communicator, Hay House author, TEDx speaker and founder of CWALU, Joan Ranquet was deemed “Celebrity Animal Communicator” by AMC. READ MORE








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