In this 6-week digital teleclass, bestselling author and internationally renowned animal communicator Joan Ranquet, will teach students how to communicate with animals! Joan will create a safe environment for students to feel confident and build their skills. Communication will develop through the weeks as students learn to use their telepathic “muscle” to connect with animals and get information.

joan-bio2Additionally, Joan will teach students how to “scan” animals which is the basic tenet behind Medical Intuition for animals. By the time the course is through, students will have connected with several dogs, cats and horses

Joan will create a safe atmosphere and explain the ins and outs of animal communication. She will walk you through a guided meditation and talk to the first animal of the series, her horse, Gabrielle.

Ready to talk to another animal with the help of Joan? Let us introduce you to Delilah, one of Joan’s dogs. This audio instruction will include more advanced teaching.

Medical Intuition is a great skill to have as an Animal Communicator. This week you’ll receive two calls. First listen to the Medical Intuition call; you’ll learn how to scan an animal for medical issues. Then join Joan with her cat Henry for more insight into animal communication!

More animal communication and full body scans with Joan and her horse Anya!

Join Joan and her cat Francesca for another round of animal communication including a full body scan.

Meet Abby, a puppy, a sweet heart, and a dog with a mind of her own! Walk with Joan as she instructs you through your last round of Animal Communication with a full body scan.


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