Audrey Jorgensen

Audrey is an Animal Communicator and Energy Healer Provider. She offers an opportunity to empower animals and their human partners. After the initial Animal Communication session, Audrey supports them both with tangible techniques that position them to have a deeper human/animal partnership.

Audrey comes to this endeavor bringing skills honed from a B.S. in Veterinary Medicine, an initial career as a medical technician for nearly 20 years, and a Clinical Coordinator at UCLA Medical Center. Then later as an educator for LAUSD, she taught students from pre-school to H.S. for 21 years.

During both of these pursuits, she developed successful and satisfying careers. The unifying thread being caregiving, compassion and connections in our daily lives. Yet, something was missing! Audrey realized that she had moved away from her beginnings and passion for helping animals. She had animals at home, but felt a pull to a greater animal cause. She has been a lifelong animal lover, volunteering as early as High School, with Bide-A -Wee Animal Hospital and Shelter, a longstanding no-kill cat and dog shelter in Manhattan, New York.

Facing challenges with her dog Gino, it was time to return to her beginnings. She began by joining Communication with All Life University, (CWALU), founded by Joan Ranquet. Currently a graduate of the Animal Mastery Program, she is now enrolled in the Teacher Trainer program within CWALU.

This trajectory also led her to volunteering at “Ride On’’ (the only PATH Certified therapeutic Horse Riding Facility in Los Angeles), plus volunteering with “Saffyre Sanctuary” (which is a non-profit horse rescue). Currently, she holds a seat on their board, and serves as the Volunteer Coordinator/Education Consultant. She has been known to consult for “Pet Adoption Fund” a cat and dog shelter in the San Fernando Valley.

When Audrey is not working with animals (i.e. sleeping), she enjoys time with her horse, walking the dogs, and watching good stories. She lives in greater Los Angeles, with her husband, 2 dogs, and a horse. She can be reached at or 818-667-2207.