Claudia Goodman


Claudia Goodman is a certified Animal Communicator and Energy Healer. She grew up knowing that her life’s purpose would always involve animals and their well-being. She has made it her mission to help people connect with their own animals and, in turn, deepen their connection to all animals and inspire compassion for all living beings.
Throughout her adult life, she has volunteered with many different rescue organizations and sanctuaries, but she didn’t feel she was truly fulfilling her purpose until she met Joan Ranquet, Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, author, TedX speaker and founder of Communication with All Live University (CWALU). Claudia began studying Animal Communication and Energy Healing under the guidance of Joan Ranquet in October 2018. She has, since, graduated and is, currently, finishing her teacher training at CWALU in animal communication and energy healing. Over the course of three years Claudia has connected with over 300 animals. Using the skills she has learned in her training as an animal communicator and energy healer, Claudia has helped clients gain a deeper understanding of their animals’ feelings and behaviors. She has helped grieving clients with the loss of their beloved animals, as well as, helped them get to a place where they feel at peace with the end of life decisions. She has helped clients discover physical issues that have, later, been verified by a veterinarian. With the use of the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Scalar Wave Energy Healing, Claudia has been able to help many animals and their people resolve emotional, behavioral and physical issues.
On her time off, you will find Claudia spending time with her family (two legged and four legged), volunteering with barn chores at a local farm sanctuary and working with the equine residents at a local horse rescue.

Claudia has a B.A. in Psychology from UCLA, is a certified yoga instructor and bilingual and biliterate in, both, English and Spanish.
Claudia lives in South Florida with her husband, two kids, three dogs and three cats.