Kris Wilson

Kris Wilson is an animal communicator and energy healer for animals.  Kris is a graduate of Communication with all Life University Animal Master Program (CWALU AMP) and is now an animal communication teacher for the school.


Her love for animals dates back for as long as she can remember.  She grew up with dogs and horses, leaning on them for friendship, love, and connection.  She didn’t realize all that time that she was innately communicating with them.  She didn’t realize she was innately doing energy work on them.  Yet, she had an idea that they were certainly healing her.  And that solidified the bond even more.


While Kris went on to do other things in life raising a family, assistant Girl Scout leader, Secretary for a local horse club. Putting year end award dinners together for horse shows. Waitressing.  Over the last few decades, she always had many animals and stayed connected by showing animals, trail riding and camping with her horses out in the wilderness.


There came a point when she KNEW she had to work with animals, EVERY DAY.  She didn’t know how.  Grooming was her introduction to being with animals every day.  Touching, loving and helping animals feel and look better was her entry level gift to this beautiful world.  She started Happy Tails Mobile Pet Salon.  She has had that business since 2009 and has helped 1000’s of animals.  By growing deeper with her animal clients and their humans, she knew she wanted to help on a soul level.


Kris has started her business Kris Wilson, Animal Communicator and Energy Healing.  She offers animal communication sessions, energy healing sessions and package deals for individuals, remotely or in person.  Additionally, Kris offers package deals for barns, doggy day cares, rescues, etc.  She is happy to include your trainer, groomer, veterinarian and/or petsitter to help the animal. Whatever it takes!


Her energy healing specifying in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping and Scalar Wave.  She is always studying more modalities and is happy to add these techniques to the menu!!


Kris is so honored and privileged to be working with you and your animal(s)


Many blessings,  Kris