Melissa Reed

I am an animal communicator and energy healer. While it has been a journey to get here through education and life experiences, it connects me with who I always was as a child. 

I was lucky to move to a farm in my second year of life. The family got our first horse then, her name was Loppy and I was hooked. On the farm we had many barn cats, 100 chicks in the spring and always dogs in our lives. I was pretty much in love with all the animals! When I was younger, I could connect and commutate with animals, trees and I loved nature. Then I was told this was silly, how could I possible do that, talk with an animal! 

My love of animals was sustained as I showed American Saddlebred horses across the country for years. I showed friends Walking horses and rode other people’s horses at shows for them. 

I worked in customer service from the age of fifteen, 1st at McDonald’s then for twenty-two-years as flight attendant and inflight trainer. I Received my bachelor’s in business for Denver University, Certified Residential Appraisal license and just recently retired from the Denver Assessor’s Office as a supervisor after fourteen years. For 25 of my working years, I shared my life with my horse, Picasso. His recent passing has left a hole in my heart. 

But for me it has always been about the animals! I just wanted the animal communications back in my life. I want to help animals and their humans to have a balanced life together. So, I pursued certification through Communication with all life University in animal communication, energy healing including Emotional Freedom Technique and Scalar Wave. I am an avid learner so I will always continue my studies in energy and body work for animals. 

Today I live with my husband Kirk and our dogs Ike and Kip.