The Emptiness of Grief

If your animal has passed, I know it can be challenging to go on without them near you in physical form. The emotions can be so overwhelming and it is easy to keep remembering the ‘last moments’ with them – their decline in health and the moment they transitioned to the other side.

Without their physical presence, it seems so empty. It is so quiet no matter what size the dog was without the tap, tap, tap of their nails running through the house.  So quiet without the soft purr on the other side of a room. So quiet with out the chewing sounds of your beloved horse. So quiet without your beloved bird squawking when you walk in.

All of that seems to be so compounded by the collective loneliness every person on the planet has tapped into at some point in the last 2 months. The despair, the loss, the grief is all so palpable.

And it feels dishonoring to feel another way. To be another way. That deep grief keeps us connected to them.

But it is a them that only exists in the past. While we miss the past, they wouldn’t want us to be in such anguish. And there is a new them that we can still connect with.

Often, we can’t see or feel them around because we are so engulfed by.

The other big emotion we get overwhelmed by is Guilt. That can stop anything in its tracks, and it is hard to even connect up with ourselves.

Before I say anything more about the connection, if you are deep in grief right now, I can offer a bit of relief with this tapping video, Tapping on Grief, Worry and Guilt:

And there is a WAY to reconnect with them and know that they are happy on the other side. Death does not have to be the end of the relationship between you two.  While they will always be missed physically and the energy feels like a hole in the middle of the house, they live on forever in your heart.

I would love to help you connect up with those feelings, help you release them and move you to connecting with your beloved.

I have a teachings on this subject of Death, Dying and Beyond. I have the big one in the middle of the Intensive this fall, Animals In Transition, Death, Dying and Beyond. But if you want to get your toes wet and see if you want to connect with animals on the other side and/or you want to be able to support those around you that are going through the stages of crossing over with their animals, I invite you to check out my virtual retreat Intro to Death, Dying and Beyond.

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