The Power of Animal Communication, Body Work and Energy Healing for Animals

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This is one of my favorite stories…..two years ago, right before Valentine’s Day, a client had let me know that they may have to put their beloved dog Drifter down.  I had known that Drifter had lymphoma, but it was reportedly “the good kind”, meaning, he didn’t have an imminent expiration date. 

Suddenly Drifter couldn’t walk and as the days turned to weeks, they thought it might be a side effect of the chemo, or maybe it was worse than they thought……they didn’t know.  Every specialist was called, Drifter had been in ICU for a couple of weeks and his people thought maybe the correct thing to do was to let him go.  That day was coming on Tuesday.  I went to visit him on that Saturday before, Valentine’s Day.   

Drifter’s people wanted me to go do animal communication, medical intuition and anything else I could think of.  When I got there, I was surprised to sense the simplicity of it, of why he didn’t seem to be walking.  But I couldn’t just announce that in a busy ICU.  Instead, I got to work and pulled out a few tools, some energy, some body work and rolled up my sleeves. 

This video really shares the story and captures the magic of the Driftermoment….especially that moment when Drifter walked!  And two years later, Drifter is still with us!!  I hope you enjoy! 

(You can even hear the staff at the vet hospital at the end!!)


  1. Leanne Thorne

    March 7, 2017

    This story is so inspiring. Joan is my mentor and teacher at CWALU. Blessed she is in this world and always moved when miracles such as Drifter are witnessed through her healing modality practices.

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