The power of pack walks

I am fortunate that one of the graduates of my program is not only a friend but an amazing dog trainer.  In fact, Pam Parker is the Dog Trainer to the CEO’s!  I love to bring my little pack and  join with the super pod of packs.  I always learn something about dogs, dog behavior and dog training!

When we go with 15 dogs, off leash, they have to be good citizens.  Model citizens.  They have to uphold a standard of respect and team playing.  Most importantly, they have to listen to us.  We have to be our best to cut through the noise of barking, panting and sometimes even the splashing of mud!

Exercise is so good for our animals mentally, physically and emotionally!  Pack walks allow them to socialize.

Today, we (the humans) saw a bear out on the trail.  Thankfully, the dogs did not!  We were able to distract them immediately and keep everyone safe.  I am grateful for the Animal Communication and training tools!

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