The Power of Suggestion and Your Animal Companion’s Diagnosis

When your animal companion looks different than the diagnosis

Sometimes there is a theme in my work. Like a few Fridays ago, every client was either a “Cynthia” or a “Cindy”. Other times, every animal client (dog, cat and horse) may have an aggression issue or all the dogs, cats and horses I talk to have gum disease on what temporarily becomes gum disease Wednesday.

The last few weeks, the theme I seem to have been witnessing among clients is, many people are experiencing  their animals differently than what the blood work or diagnosis would indicate. Meaning, their animals seem well or  have a lot of energy even though they have a certain dis-ease. And this theme has gone on for over a month.

I have a friend who has recently overcome breast cancer. She has gone through western medicine treatments as   well as energy healing and is in recovery. I would put her in the goddess category because following her cancer   recovery, she has up-leveled her life in nearly every way. All the while, we talked several times a week. Now, she still goes in for routine checkups and the nurse practitioner was such a doomsday naysayer. It was not good for my friends mental, emotional, spiritual or physical health. I said: “fire that woman, ask for a different nurse practitioner”.

Why do we have to endure this?

Who you have helping you and your animal companion is completely in your control. Even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

My friend fired the woman and has been much happier with the more perky, attentive nurse practitioner.

We love our animals so much. When we have a scary diagnosis about them, it devastates us to the core. We are at our most vulnerable spot, yet, we must be strong for our animal companion. It is a slippery slope. We must step up and be what I refer to in both my books: the emotional leader.

Do we cry? Yes. Our animal companions are going to know better than anyone whether we are being authentic.

Yet, we also step into superhero shoes and walk on in humility, with our friend. We must assume that role as if we know what’s best. The ultimate fake it until you make it.

Recently, a couple I’ve been working with had a big diagnosis for their cat. Yet, as we’ve communicated with the cat, worked on the cat with scalar wave, done eft tapping on the humans, their cat is almost more youthful than she has been in the last couple of years. How do we explain this?

C1That cat’s soul is in accordance with this work and for whatever reason, the coming together over the healing is, in a sense of rejoicing. Rejoicing over the love and care, rejoicing in her own being in this time and space. And so, even with the scary diagnosis, it is like weird fountain of youth. The couple is choosing to pay attention to what they see vs. what the vets are saying.

While they still choose to deal with the reality of the numbers when they engage with the veterinary community over blood work, they also silence what isn’t necessary to hear about. They have asked their vets to only deal with the present.

Sometimes all you can do is continue to see your animal companion’s perfect health.

Now, not every coming together is a sense of rejoicing. Sometimes the animal’s persona would love to stay but the body or the soul has another idea. And no amount of coming together to powwow over health will bring the animal back.

And at that point, it is about enjoying, being present, seeing who they are now and what they need. Often this is preparing that soul for the next life. And that is truly a gift. That IS healing.

We just aren’t so powerful as to keep someone here for ourselves. Yet, we often hear the criticism of others. And at that point, it is a lot like listening to a medical professional that is projecting their fear all over us, we just must put our attention on our beloved animal friend and carry on.

The other day I was a guest on Lisa Lockwood’s TV show West Coast Weekly and she was part of that week where everyone was talking about looking at what is right in front of you vs. what the medical community is saying. And as synchronicity would have it, she shares wisdom on the subject!


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What can we do when we get a tough diagnosis:
1. We can visualize the perfect outcome;
2. Be super present;
3. Process our emotions yet still be the emotional leader;
4. Be proactive with our medical professionals and let them know that speaking in front of your animal in a certain way is unacceptable;
5. Create strong boundaries so that the people around us (who might be doing it out of love) can’t project their feelings or past on to our situation;
6. Stay grounded throughout so we can make excellent decisions.

Be well.

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