The Progress of Kona through Energy Healing for Animals

As the Energy Healing for Animals Home Study Course is about to start again, I am reminded of the power the work holds.  One of my students, Erica Tibbetts, shared her story of working on a dog named Kona using the Scalar Wave:


 I received a call from a woman named Lisa whose 11-year-old Cocker Spaniel, Kona, was failing quickly after a routine tooth extraction surgery. She asked if I would communicate with Kona as she was feeling it might be time to make a very difficult decision.


When I communicated with Kona the first word I got was “grandfather”, it was clear that he was a very loving, supportive and gentle soul. I also got the sense that he was in shock about the rapid decline in his health. He let me know that he trusted Lisa to make the best decisions and he was very interested in staying around. When I relayed the information I was receiving, Lisa explained that Kona was like a loving grandfather to all the dogs she fostered and he was an invaluable part of her family


When I intuitively scanned his body, I was immediately drawn to his brain, I could sense a dark mass and that he was experiencing mental confusion along with blurry vision. Lisa confirmed that after the surgery Kona was having difficulty walking, didn’t seem to know where he was, wasn’t drinking water and wasn’t able to keep food down. She also told me that four months prior to the surgery, Kona had begun having some noticeable balance and gait issues. When Kona’s condition severely worsened after being under anesthesia, both Lisa and her vet were concerned that Kona may have a preexisting brain condition that was being exacerbated by the anesthesia. 


As I began to do energy healing with Kona, I started with scalar wave and focused first on his entire body and then specifically on his brain. I also asked if Lisa and her son would only see and visualize Kona being in perfect health because that is the way Kona saw himself. They both were very open and agreed to hold the space for Kona that he was in perfect health.


The next day when I spoke to Lisa she said that Kona was good, he had eaten breakfast and although he was shaky he was getting around better. When I intuitively scanned Kona, I could immediately sense the dark mass was fading and his brain felt clearer as well as his eyesight. I saw that fluids were helping him to feel better and he needed them to detoxify the anesthesia out of his system. I asked if Lisa could continue to give Kona fluids at home and Kona shared that although he was feeling tired, he was comfortable and loving being with his family. I kept getting the word “miracle” and that Kona wanted his family to keep doing whatever it was that they were doing. I continued to do scalar wave and was drawn to clear a traumatic event from his third chakra that allowed him to ground back into his body.


On the third day, when I checked in with Kona he showed me an image of himself with his tail up and a smile on his face. He shared that he was happy to be feeling better and he was so grateful for all the love and care he was receiving from everyone, both human and animal. As I intuitively scanned Kona his brain was clear and Lisa very excitedly confirmed that Kona was back on his feet, his balance was much better and he had even gone on a short pack walk.


On the fourth consecutive day of doing scalar wave with Kona, I received an update from Lisa that he was eating and acting like his normal self and even went on a 30-minute pack walk. Her text went on to say, “I love this boy so much. He’s teaching me quite a bit about patience, grace and not giving up…and trusting my intuition. A friend asked how Kona was doing and the first thing out of my mouth was “it’s a miracle!” Kona’s word right?” Yes, “miracle” was Kona’s word!

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