The Top 7 Reasons for Animal Communication: #1 The Simplicity and Power of Medical Intuition


Being able to tune into an animal and understand how they are feeling can often save their life, alleviate their discomfort, and mitigate unwanted behavior.


Everywhere I go I hear people say, “Oh, if only my little one could tell me where it hurts.” And I think to myself, they can! Or at least they can tell the trained professionals!

I think one of the top reasons for animal communication is: medical intuition. Medical intuition is handy for things like a sudden behavioral shift; they suddenly got snarky or snappy, or they are lethargic.

Sometimes they just don’t feel right. Or seem “off”. Some animals are such pleasers or are completely stoic that they don’t present a lameness or try to act fine.

Animal communicators shouldn’t be “diagnosing” rather, we can walk through the body and share with their person what it feels like. This is excellent for serious medical conditions, before and after a surgery, and before and after performance. Of course, it is so helpful in the aging process.

I remember one woman was so distraught over her dog’s sudden change in personality, she thought he had lost the will to live. It turns out it was a bad back. Once he went to the holistic vet, he was back to himself.

Another woman thought her horse was really finished, through with his life, as he had always been very food driven and he was suddenly off his feed. Turns out it was one bad tooth.

Finding out how a cat is doing with a medical condition has put some clients at ease.

These subtle things that an animal shares with me and other trained in medical intuition can truly be lifesavers. Literally.

Here’s a story of a horse still alive today because of a session a few years ago:

Carla Jo

See Video 





I get emails like this all the time:

  •  “My vet asked me to bring her in today, so I did. Her conclusion was very similar to yours. She feels Bella has a slipped disc between vertebrae  L 2 and L 5. She also pointed out that her T 12 might be painful as well.”
  •  “Joan, thought you might like an affirmation. The osteopath saw Charlie today and without us saying anything, he said it was his right shoulder, right neck and right hind. You nailed it!”
  •  “Joan, my vet was very interested in your services and asked for your contact information which I provided.  The clinic she practices in…”

Because they can tell us where it hurts. And they can tell us where the discomfort is, it can lead to bettering their lives more quickly.


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