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I travel a lot to teach animal communication. Early September 2012, I started my dogs on the Dynamite Canine TNT. I have always loved Showdown (the dog vitamin). The smell alone makes the morning right, along with coffee, of course. I’ve also been a big fan of the horse TNT – a combination of my favorite vitamin, minerals, joint supplement and more. I have been hoping one day for the human and then the cat TNT – hopefully, those are future product reviews!

The last weekend of September, as usual, I am in Denver, teaching Animal Communication. On day 2, I hand out the picture of my dog Olivia for the class to connect with her remotely. It is an intimate group of about 15 and Olivia is an excellent teacher for day 2. For my students, Olivia’s picture builds confidence as she always gives the same type of message to each individual.

When it came time for feedback from the animal communication session, every person was saying: “Olivia says her coat is soft.” Something along these lines was mentioned by all members of the class. “Olivia says her coat is beautiful”. I have to be honest… is nice. Isabella, my black lab has a super shiny, noticeable coat. Always has. I didn’t want to tell my students that Isabella had a nicer coat, because, who am I to deny Olivia the right to feel as if she has a beautiful coat?! Right?

I leave Denver to work in North Carolina the first week of October. That following weekend, I have a Beg-Adv. Animal Communication workshop. Again, Olivia is telling the whole class how great her coat is. I think, Joan, take a deep breath… this the beginning of adult onset dog dementia? She’s only 10 at that time. It’s possible.

When I get back to my farm, after 2 weeks on the road, I kneel down to love on Olivia. I am blown away at how soft her coat is. She has always had a nice coat, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that Isabella has always had a stunning coat, so I didn’t want to compare in any way, shape or form. Yet, there she was, her coat so soft. And even more important to our adventurous lifestyle, her (then) 10 year old body is also so spry.

Olivia is now 11. I do rotate Omega 3’s, Turmeric and MSM on top of the Dynamite dog TNT – we go on 3 mile dog hikes 4 days a week….once a week with a large pack of dogs. She runs around this farm like she was 4. I keep up on body work by other practitioners and add in my own acupressure several mornings. The one consistent, everyday thing that keeps her super active and her coat so soft is the dynamite Canine TNT!

The dog TNT will improve anything – if you are feeding raw or if you cook for your animals. If you feed kibble or wet food – this is the ticket to making whatever you are doing even way, way better.


We have a very active life! We have lots of friends! A girl’s got to keep up with the rest of the pack, if not run it!


Here are the specifics per Dynamite:

Total Nutritional Top-dress – All-in-One Supplement for Dogs

Revolutionary Canine Nutrition
Your dogs will love taking their vitamins!

Dynamite’s Total Nutritional Top-dress, also known as Canine TNT, is revolutionary canine nutrition. It is an amazing all-in-one, easy-to-give supplement. This foundational product from Dynamite targets ultimate canine health through a synergistic combination of ingredients.
• Showdown vitamin and mineral supplement for overall health, skin and coat support
• Nutritional support of ligaments, cartilage and connective tissue with added Free & Easy
• Ground Barley Sprouts are active enzymes to help with nutrient absorption and overall immune system health
• Miracle Clay for digestion and detox
• SOD, Human Grade Medicinal Mushrooms, and Chia Seed to support immune system health
• Yeast Cell Wall Extract for amino acids
• Izmine for trace minerals, electrolytes, and bionutrients
• Yucca to reduce urine burn in lawns
• Kelp for iodine, trace minerals and chlorophyll
This formula really packs a punch, but will Fido eat it? Yes! Total Nutritional Top-dress is extremely palatable. Our product testers have reported that not only do their dogs LOVE the taste, it also exudes a favorable aroma when it’s being mixed, so the dog’s owners love it too!

Canine TNT is the perfect addition to any high-quality food. It is cutting-edge nutrition that is based on what Mother Nature intended. Transforming the dry powder into a delectable gravy is a snap. Simply mix in warm water, stir, wait a minute, and pour over your dog’s kibble.

The design of this new product stemmed after we had to discontinue Ultimate Dog Food. Our new top dress has everything Ultimate had plus many extras but without the meat and bone meal. If you want to recreate Ultimate, all you need is a good protein base, top with Total Nutritional Top-dress and you are giving your dog a perfect balance of protein, nutrients, and supplemental support.
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Blessings – Joan Ranquet

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