What Energy Healing Can Do for Your Animals?

What Energy Healing Can Do for Your Animals?

Excerpted from my book, Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True):

I have seen energy healing work wonders in almost any situation you can think of. Energy healing can help or even reverse the symptoms of allergies, diabetes, cancer, aging, nerve challenges, insulin resistance, infections, and much, much more. I can’t stress enough how valuable it is in achieving true healing. Energy healing can support the nervous, cardiovascular, immune, endocrine, and digestive systems, and of course the chakra and meridian systems. It’s also wonderful for challenges including hip dysplasia, arthritis, and overcoming major injuries. Energy healing is excellent for enhancing post-surgical healing and especially when your animal is fighting for his or her life.

While energy healing addresses the physical demands of illnesses, injuries, or conditions, it also helps release any emotional baggage that comes with them. If the challenge is simply emotional, energy healing will help fast. After all, animals can’t go to talk therapy to process their emotions. Okay, they can do talk therapy with a good animal communicator—but you still have to move that emotion up and out! Energy healing can do that and so much more.

Psychological barriers, such as being afraid to do something again after an injury—a horse that was injured during a jump or a dog that was in the car when you had an accident—can be addressed through energy healing. Grief can be supported through energy healing too.

While animals aren’t spiritual in the same ways we are, they do sometimes “lose faith” in humans and act out in ways I consider to be symptomatic of a spiritual breakdown. It’s as though they no longer trust in people, and then they don’t even trust themselves. Energy healing can definitely assist in rebuilding lasting trust and love.


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