When Animal Communication is an Energy Healing Modality

I saw the call to volunteer at the animal evacuation center for the La Tuna fire.  The La Tuna fire is one of the biggest fires in LA county, ever.  Located in Burbank, in the Verdugo Mountains, the fire raged and threatened private homes and tons of livestock.

At the evacuation center, horses were coming in by the droves.  Dogs, goats and geese had a different section.  Fortunately, someone had taken all of the frightened cats to another location.  The looks on people’s faces said it all.  And I could only think about how much devastation there is in Texas and how much devastation potentially could be as a result of Hurricane Irma.

As word was out on the second day that the evacuation order was lifted, I started talking to a woman over in the dog area (I had mostly been in the horse area) that seemed familiar and I just assumed she was familiar because I observed and admired how hard she worked for the last two days.

As we struck a conversation up, I mentioned in passing that I also worked with animals.  She asked me what I did.  I told her I am an animal communicator.  She asked me my name and I said “Joan” and then she asked for my last name and I told her.  She very nearly burst into tears that moment. 

This woman, Martha told me that I came to her house in the 90’s and that she had a dog, Sam that was practically living under the house because he was grieving the loss of her other dog that had passed.  In an attempt to cheer her dog Sam up, she rescued a puppy, Zaza.  It wasn’t working out as she planned and Martha felt as though she had two dogs that were very lonely.

Martha’s guilt and grief were so palpable in the household that as she reminded me of this whole event, I barely remembered her, yet I easily tapped into the feeling immediately, nearly 20 years later.  Martha said “and then, do you know what Zaza said to you?”  I looked at her for a moment and she continued: “I asked you if Zaza was said that she was all alone in this household with another dog and she said, Nah, I know he likes me.” And that changed everything. 

The household lightened, Sam was better and Zaza let her signature mantra out, “I know he likes me”.  That single line lifted the guilt for Martha.  It took the pressure off of Sam and the animal communication session itself became the needed healing.

At that point in my career, it was one of the many defining moments of examining the precarious balance between energy and emotion between people and animals.  We can all say “well, animals live in the moment.”  Some do.  Someone like Sam didn’t, at the time. He had his own track on his healing broken heart. 

And then here comes Zaza to change up the operating system of the household at that time because she just knew how cool she was. 

Zaza left Martha less than a year ago, managing to be a nearly 17 year old friend.  

That was such a great reminder for me that the new dog entering the household doesn’t have to carry on the energy of the household.  They can bring in a new fresh breath of energy.  For another 17 years.  It was also a great reminder of the power of animal communication, that it truly becomes an energy healing modality.




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