When Horse-Power meets Release

I recently had cause to put Dynamite’s Release to the test. I’ve seen Release give so many animals relief. I’ve watched as animals were able to get deeper body work because Release got in there and opened the field, the muscles and the tissue and allowed for greater healing.

At 6 am the other morning, I discovered that my neighbor’s horses got loose, and were flirting with my horses. I went out to help.  I caught one of them and started to walk toward their home when the other one spooked behind us and startled the horse I was walking. I turned around and was met with HORSEPOWER. I was mowed over and tossled about. How I walked away from it is a mystery.

The first thing I did when I got into my house is what I always do, I grab Dynamite’s Release. Release is an all-natural flower essence miracle spray that not only takes away the acute pain but it literally stops bruising.

I sprayed it all day and then applied arnica gel, some other (mostly Dynamite) goodies and took arnica homeopathic orally.

My left hip, my right foot, my right elbow and my face took most of the beating. The next day I had the vet over to work with one of my dogs and I got an X-Ray. The vet said I’m fine!!

Funny enough, when you have big pain, that’s what you focus on – or in my case, the focus to relieve and heal it. I sprayed all the big pain areas. As I’ve healed, I discovered that even though it didn’t hurt, my left leg below the big pain spot is still really bruised, one week later. The foot never bruised. My elbow never bruised, yet my right wrist did. My face didn’t bruise yet my jaw did. So all the places I sprayed, the actual injuries, never bruised. And healed so quickly. I have all these random bruises that aren’t really attached to pain, unless I bump them.

All in all, I’ve had a miracle recovery and as always, I’m grateful to Dynamite’s Release spray.

If you’re interessted in Release for you and your animals or any of the other amazing animal/human products, go to: http://dynamitespecialty.myvoffice.com/joanranquet

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