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Animal Communicator and Author Joan Ranquet leads weekend Animal Communication workshops quarterly at her farm in Carnation, Washington (Seattle area).   These are three day Beginning – Advanced Animal Communication workshops that are fun and informative.  It is a “safe” environment for the students to really grow and expand their intuitive capabilities. Read on to hear directly from students who have attended Joan’s workshops and classes!

Joan’s Animal Communication class was great. After a few days of participating in incrementally challenging exercises a group of about 10 wrote down reactions to a horse’s photo. It turned out that we had ‘heard’ very similar thoughts. When Joan told us the story behind the horse in the photo it confirmed we had ‘heard’ right! Amazing!Ellen, Denver, Colorado


Everyone LOVED the Class. You are a great teacher. I notice how you bring a bit of that Leo Sun into the room with you. I am just telling myself that you are visiting Florida (a lot) but that you really aren’t going anywhere. If you have doubts that your relationship here will ever fade…don’t.Mark Husson,


I wanted to thank you so much for coming to Walla Walla and teaching your animal communication class. It was an awesome weekend! I think we all were amazed that we had any inkling of the ability to even begin to communicate with animals. Even my husband was slightly provoked into participating in a few of the exercises, and he was quite pleased with himself for being able to get it. I won’t tell you that I can do what you do in any way, but I do feel like you have opened my eyes, and I get things, and feelings with the animals that I was somewhat oblivious to before. I would highly recommend your class to anyone who is interested in having a better relationship with their animals.Terri Olson
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I first want to thank you for the seminar at Ruth’s office yesterday. It was good to be in a room full of people that really seemed interested in the well being of animals. I learned much on many levels. With that said, I realized, saw and felt, during that short meditation, that I need some help in working out everything that has happened to K’dar. I am not sure what I am asking for exactly. I realize this is not your field, but perhaps you can send me in the right direction – a counselor, therapist, etc, that can help me work through what I am holding on to, but a person that understands to human/animal bond, and is into holistic health/healing. Know anyone!? K’dar also needs help. The energy work you and Sandy did yesterday helped the heat – and the heat is still gone today. Both him and I slept very good and deep last night – that was helpful. Lastly, when life settles a bit for me, I would love to speak with you further about the clients you have had, that have a dog that is defensive because of being attacked at some point. I have compiled a lot about this as well as developing a program to help these dogs deal with what has happened. K’dar was doing quite well until these recent attacks. I am sure, all this will only further my education and teach me how to help others more in-depth, with this problem. Prevention is easier than a cure, but, with work, at least many of these dogs do not have to be so defensive.Anne


Just wanted to thank you again for the great class. I like the way you have it structured. This class was really a great booster for me. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in July at Jennifer’s and then again in August at your advance class.James The Path Lighter, Denver, Colorado


Hello, this is Sarah Glaser. I just wanted to thank you for coming to Starfire farm last Wednesday, even there were so many animals. Everyone really enjoyed it so much. It is pretty much the high talk of the barn. Everyone wants to listen to everybody else’s tape. :) A lot of people really want you to come back again, so I am sure you will receive emails from them. The class on Sat. was so amazing. Kari and I very much enjoyed going to that. I really wish I could have come to the second day as well. I will sign up for the class if you are ever in the area again, as will several others from the barn. Thank You for your time, and thanks again for coming up, we all enjoyed having you. Cheers - Sarah, Tacoma, Washington
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I really enjoyed the seminar. I have been practicing at home. In fact, it’s been very helpful in getting Katie to be quiet while I fix her food. She used to bark and jump around until I started picturing to her that I would go faster if she’s quiet. Geof is amazed because she still barks and jumps around when he’s fixing her food, but is pretty quiet when I do. I think we should shoot for another class after March. I hope you’re well. Kathy, Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center, Woodinville, Washington


This is Rachel from Pony Club. First I just wanted to thank you for giving that demonstration for us. It was incredibly interesting and also very inspiring to me. I wish I’d known more about it way sooner. Unfortunately it is late to have you talk with our old mare Delilah and I am worried… Any thoughts you have I’d be grateful. And again, thank you so much. Rachel, Woodinville, Washington


Thank you for your workshop last week at the Canine Massage Training at the Boulder School of Massage. While I’m not an instant convert, I’m very open, intrigued and interested in your work and enjoyed our work last week. I wish we would have had a chance to work with your horse picture. I’m interested in you doing a reading with my dog and I. I’m located in WA. A few questions I had. Is there a best time to do a reading (i.e. any timing issues between health and/or recent changes in normal life, time of day, etc…)? What are the differences for you between remote and in person readings. If it’s substantial or you prefer, I would be interested in meeting you in Seattle the next time you are there. Also, when was your recent interview with Good Morning America going to be aired? ( I hope it wasn’t today!) Monte Bertolino


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful seminar you did at Virginia’s and Laura’s farm in January. I had been hearing about you from Virginia and from Kelsey and was very happy when Virginia gave me the chance to go. It was something I need to do more. I wish I could have done both days but hope to get the advanced one when you return – when ever that is. In the meantime I will continue to try and get quiet and really pay attention to my “gut feelings that I try to pay attention to but don’t always listen to – the flashes are fast sometimes. Thank you again – I really enjoyed it and meeting and talking with you. Carol Swindaman
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Wonderful workshops last Sunday and the Saturday prior. Thank you so much! I’ve been chatting away with all my friends’ pets, my cats, the cats in the neighborhood…it seems to be going really, really well. I’m getting so much information that turns out to be accurrate. I just have to keep trusting what I’m “hearing.” My friends have been surprisingly instantly supportive. Who’d have thought they’d believe I could do this! But I guess when I tell them stuff that turns out to be true, they have to give it some credit. The healing work seems more difficult for me. I imagine it takes several treatments before things change. I’m trying the scalar wave on myself to heal a rash I have, but it hasn’t gone away yet. I’ll keep working. I want to say thank you so much for opening up this world to me. Love and Peace, Suzanne


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