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Thank you for coming to my site.  I hope to demystify Animal Communication and what an Animal Communicator or Pet Psychic does.  During an Animal Communication session, I am using telepathy, the transference of pictures, words, and feelings.

I believe telepathy is a skill.  I have honed the ability to communicate through lots of studying and years and years as a professional.  You are already using telepathy as well, and probably have had glimmers of awareness about it if not full blown connection.

Often it is challenging to understand – on a deeper level – what is happening because:

  • a new behavior pops up that we don’t understand;
  • we want to know how our animal is feeling when they are going through a health challenge;
  • your animal companion is in the final stages of their life;
  • You have a horse show on Saturday and suddenly everything is haywire;
  • You have a dog show on Saturday and suddenly everything is haywire;
  • You want to improve training;
  • Your animal crossed over;
  • You are making gargantuan shifts in your life and you want to make sure the household will survive it;
  • Your animal companion is missing;
  • You just want to make sure your communication is on track.

Animal and Pet Behavior with Joan RanquetIn that case, an Animal Communication session can deeply connect you with your animal companion and truly help “hold your hand” through the experience.

A lot of times I will validate something you already innately know to be true.  Other times an Animal Communication session will enlighten and guide you in a new direction that is more harmonious for your household or barn.

You may be landing here because you are ready to take the plunge and study Animal Communication to enrich your relationship with your animal companions.  Maybe you may want to be an Animal Communicator.  Perhaps you’re looking for the soul journey that includes animals……I have lots of programs for you!

If you don’t need all the information, you may set up a consultation. You can also view my list of upcoming events or workshops.

Otherwise, let’s enjoy the journey of deepening our connection with all life via my newsletter.  I always have a story or two to uplift or educate on some animal topic.

“Every day I get to consult with people and their animals. I connect telepathically with the animal and figure out what is going on for the pet, behaviorally, emotionally or physically. Every day is very different. A couple of days a week I’m on the phone connecting with people and their animals over the phone via pictures of their animal(s). Other days I’m in people’s homes or in barn aisles talking to horses.” — Joan Ranquet on MSN Careers, animal communicator, author, speaker and founder of Communication With All Life University

Blessings to you and all of the species in your household or barn,

Animal Communicator – Animal Communication
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