Joan’s Radio Interviews

Joan has graced the airwaves on a regular basis for the past twenty-five years. Always a memorable guest, animal lovers seek her wisdom, guidance, and insight while enjoying her sense of humor and “tails” of adventure. 

Some appearances include:

  • Pet Talk Live, Her own radio show
  • Positively Incorrect with Scott Sluthe on SIRUS Satellite Radio
  • PLANET EARTH, Emerging Breakthroughs for All Creatures
  • Kennedy in Seattle on THE BUZZ
  • 7th WAVE NETWORK, with Joyce Jackson
  • KZOK in Seattle 
  • MJ Morning Show (Atlanta)
  • Pet Talk America, St. Louis & Tampa
  • Crash & Burns OKC 
  • KTST, The Twister
  • Ring My Belle, 97.3 KIRO FM

Click on the links below to hear some of Joan’s segments!

Pet Life Radio with Cheryl Kaye

Join me and animal communicator Joan Ranquet. What a happy uplifting show. We all have felt how our pets get us or understand us and how we know our pets. Well that’s communicating! Joan goes further and it’s wonderful. I really enjoyed our talk… and meeting Joan.

The Loretta Brown Show

Turns out our pets are anxious, too!

Our pets are so good at reading our mood and comforting us when we’re sad or stressed. We can learn to return the favor. Diagnosing a mental issue can be difficult. After all, your pets can’t tell you how they’re feeling… OR CAN THEY?

The Donna Seebo Show

EFT for Animals and Their Humans: Creating a Harmonious Relationship through Tapping

Joan is an animal communicator and she has been on my program in the past. A lovely person who is dedicated to the well-being of animals and loves teaching others how they can benefit from using EFT with their animal companions. What a wonderful technique to add to the ease of keeping our ‘special’ family members well and happy. 

The Deborah Kobylt Show

EFT for Animals and Their Humans: Creating a Harmonious Relationship through Tapping

In this interview, Joan & Deborah talk about decoding animal feelings, lessons learned from animals, family dynamics, animal energy and so much more.

The Donna Seebo Show

Podcast with Lisa Cherney 07/01/2021

When Joan Ranquet was on the #GFRShow, she offered a take on victim shaming that I really appreciated. What she said is that when people have suffered a loss or are in trauma, they often don’t allow themselves enough time to process fully. Because we’re afraid of being seen as a “victim” or weak—and since there’s no clear indication where grieving turns into wallowing—we shame ourselves back to business as usual with little consideration of whether we’ve actually healed. Listen in as Joan outlines the importance of the “victim” phase in any grieving process, and find out the potential problems that may arise if you don’t take time to fully metabolize tough experiences.

Voice of America – EFT for Animals

A fun interview that explains EFT for animals and when to use it!

Animal Voices – Joan Ranquet on Animal Communication

For our feature interview, we have Joan Ranquet on the show. In this interview, she provides us with some insights from her communication with the animals, and teaches us how we can learn to be better in tune with the animals in our lives.

Talk2TheAnimals – Meet Joan Ranquet Who Telepathically Located Lost Horse

On this episode of Talk2theAnimalsRadio, you’ll hear from Animal Communicator Joan Ranquet who telepathically located a lost horse, Gemma. Gemma, an 800-pound Norwegian fjord, had escaped from her pasture and was stuck in a Redmond, WA. ravine. Joan shares with us how after a 3-5 minute telepathic session with Gemma, she was miraculously found.

Rachel Belle on the Ron & Don Show: Meet The Animal Communicator Who Located a Lost Horse In Redmond

The host had a 3-5 minute session with a lost horse and then the owners miraculously found the horse.

Pet Sounds: What is your cat or dog thinking?

Ring My Belle – 97.3 KIRO FM (

If you’ve ever had a pet, you’ve most likely wanted to know what it was thinking about or why it acts the way it does. I was lucky enough to get some of these questions answered when animal communicator Joan Ranquet came to my apartment yesterday to read my new cat Baby, who I’ve had for just three weeks.

Stephens College: Communicating with Animals

Stephens College KFRU Radio Interview

In early April, Stephens welcomed back to campus Joan Ranquet ’82, an internationally renowned animal communicator and best-selling author of “Communication with All Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator.”

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What People Say

Joan Ranquet could have been content with being one of the best and most sought-after animal communicators working today. Thank God she chose instead to teach her knowledge in the most practical of ways, allowing us all the chance to remember the interconnectedness of all life.

Happy Client

Thanks 🙂 I actually talked to Laney after we got off the phone and she seemed to respond pretty well to it from what I could tell. I’m going to work on those top 10 lists as soon as I get off the phone. I told my grandparents how it went so they would know what was going on, and we all talked about having faith in Laney again, they both admitted that they had sort of shunned her after she attacked Ginger last time. I will look at those supplements and will get them as soon as I am able to; I definitely want my dogs to have everything they need to be as healthy and happy as possible.

Ashley, Oklahoma

Just wanted to let you know that Tobie is urinating IN THE TOILET!!!!! We caught him on videotape. I kept picturing him going into the litter box as you told me to do but he has been doing his pee-pee in the toilet. My husband and I were totally in awe how he just starting doing this on his own. Did you tell him to do that??? 😉 Hope you are doing well. Dr. Masami says hi!


Lee in Melbourne, FL