Energy Healing for Animals with Scalar Wave

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scalar-1In this course, Energy Healing for Animals with Scalar Wave, you will understand the electromagnetic field of humans and animals, what happens when they merge (morphic resonance or swarm theory), understand the chakra system of both human and animals, be able to clear the electromagnetic field by running energy, learn how to clear the chakras, learn how to bring in a scalar wave, learn how to communicate with animals and more!

As it all comes together for you, you will discover that being in a high frequency, zero point field of energy brings healing work to a whole new level. After enough practice, it isn’t something you have to do, rather it is a state of being. You will experience increased awareness of you and your animal companion’s energy and frequency so that you can make adjustments on their behalf.

Part of this technique is almost diagnostic, as well as being an excellent relaxation tool (which is at the base of any healing process) and it is a great stand-alone healing technique.

The Scalar Wave healing technique has been my go to healing technique for myself, my animal family and clients for nearly 20 years and I’ve been teaching it to human guardians to help their animal companions since 1998.

Here’s why

scalar-2As Human Beings, we are made up of energy…..surrounding our body is a field of electromagnetic energy known as the Auric Field. By the time disease enters the body, or a mood has engulfed you, it started long ago as a disruption in the auric field. A standing wave of energy is more powerful than a disrupted field. In this class, you will learn a technique to ground yourself and create a scalar wave of energy from within. This creates healing from the inside out at the cellular level thus penetrating out into the auric field.

Our animals also live in the electromagnetic energy and have an auric field. And, they are even more sensitive and prone to outer stimulation (both physically and emotionally) because they don’t have the kind of logic that we have to tune things out.

Relaxation is at the core of healing, calming and focusing performance. When the body is out of the fight or flight, healing is a natural response. Illness and nervous behaviors put the system on edge, and when the system is on edge, challenges will continue.

At the very least you could use the whole of this technique as a relaxation tool that could mitigate the outside influences such as electromagnetic imbalances, emotional challenges, behavior challenges and/or physical illness. At best, it is a full healing modality.

The technique is broken into 3 parts

  • Running energy through your body
  • Clearing the chakras
  • Bringing in the scalar wave energy

In one of the audios, I even instruct as to use the scalar wave specifically for illnesses and disease.

scalar-3The origins of the Scalar Wave energy technique

Dr. Valerie Hunt, a former UCLA professor and a pioneer in the science of human energy fields and electromagnetic energy, developed the Bioscalar Wave Technique. UCLA asked Dr. Hunt to study the human aura. At that point she didn’t believe such a thing existed but found it an entertaining request and decided to humor the school. Dr. Hunt embarked on a series of experiments and was surprised to discover the presence of an electromagnetic field of energy around the body. To conduct her studies, she brought in Rosalyn Bruyere, an energy healer who wrote Wheels of Light, a groundbreaking book on the chakra system, and Emilie Conrad, a dancer who created a system of movement called Continuum.

Her discoveries sparked a spiritual awakening for Dr. Hunt, forcing her to take a hiatus from UCLA. From there she went on to study psychic surgeons in the Philippines and was struck by the laser sharpness, the crystal clarity, with which the surgeons worked. She was in awe of the fact that through intention they could cut through skin, tissue, and bone to get to the negative energy and pull it out—all despite the fact that there were no incisions.

Hunt realized that with single-minded focus, the surgeons were using a standing wave of energy to cut through matter. From there she experimented with various techniques to replicate what they were doing and came up with the Bioscalar Wave—which I call the Scalar Wave for short and is also referred to as a standing wave. She discovered that disease has a chaotic pattern in an incoherent field and that homeostasis has a different pattern, dubbed a pattern of wellness. Chaos cannot exist in the presence of a standing wave of energy; therefore, the standing wave offers an opportunity to reset homeostasis.

scalar-4After trying different healing methodologies myself, I was introduced to this technique in the 1990’s and started using it for my own healing. Then I used it with my animals. A couple of years later, with a lot of successful healing under my belt, I started teaching it as a technique to use with animals.

Some of the conditions and illnesses I have had success with this technique include (anecdotal):


  • dogs with kidney disease
  • a cat with lung cancer
  • a student who told me she stopped having weekly migraines
  • a newborn human in ICU with a collapsed lung
  • a cat that was not waking after surgery and didn’t look like it was going to make it
  • lameness in dogs, cats, and horses
  • diabetes in dogs and cats—cases too numerous to count
  • an aggressive dog—three sessions effected a shift
  • several different horses with pneumonia
  • failed immune systems in dogs, cats, and horses
  • horses with colic
  • dogs with bloat

scalar-5The list goes on. After a horse trainer in Wellington, Florida, took the class, he did the Scalar Wave on himself and on every horse he rode in competition; he won everything that year.

I do this technique daily, whether for just a moment several times a day or sitting down and spending the time to really go through my entire physical, emotional, and mental systems before I meditate. I do it the minute I sit down in an airplane because I know that flying fast across the country or around the world depletes the aura. Between that and drinking lots of water, I rarely have jet lag.

The scalar wave is not something that requires a lot of preparation. You don’t need a sacred space because you are creating one within your body or the body of your animal companion. It is a go-to technique for me, guaranteed to relax the system, and it can be performed in person or remotely.

Here are some stories:

Martin was a kitten with a congenital heart condition that usually showed up in purebred cats at about the age of four. But Martin was much younger when this condition appeared, and it was quite advanced. He was hospitalized in the ICU, and that was where his owner, Gloria, and I worked with the Scalar Wave (a technique I’ll describe in Chapter 10). His heart rate and breathing were being monitored hourly, and the charts clearly showed a dramatic shift taking place at the exact hour when we did our energy work with him (see the chart on page 000). Martin was able to go home that week, and though he eventually did cross over, he lived a couple of months longer than any veterinarian had expected. And he died peacefully playing.

scalar-6My client Jen, whose dog had kidney disease, was able to measure his blood urea nitrogen (BUN) level before and after I worked on him using the Scalar Wave. This animal too was able to stay on the planet with Jen longer than expected—this time a couple of years longer.

Mangia was a high-level dressage horse that had been in training preparing for a competition. One morning she woke up with zero circulation in one of her legs. She was lying down when they found her, and it took everything they could think of to get her up. The veterinarians, whom the owner, Cindy, had called in from the University of Missouri, told her they were sorry that her horse would probably have to be euthanized. But Cindy wasn’t about to give up so easily. She called me and asked for my help.

Meanwhile, I was in Florida, heading to the Bahamas for my annual animal communication dolphin trip. I had no way to do much more than a few remote rounds of the Scalar Wave technique. And I would be going out to sea shortly, without any way to find out what happened. When I returned to shore six days later, I was thrilled to find out that Mangia was not only still with us, but doing well. The vets were stumped by her recovery. But Mangia didn’t care. She went on to compete the following spring.

I offer these stories as just a few examples of what’s possible when you take that leap of faith and help your animals heal by shifting their energy. I’m here to tell you that it works—I’ve seen it work thousands of times—and that you can do it! And now it’s time to start learning how. You’ll begin by getting acquainted with the invisible but oh-so-powerful energetic systems in your animal companions’ bodies.

I am humbled by what the scalar wave technique does for wellness, behavior and building the relationship between human and animal.


  • Introduction to Energy Healing for Animals Audio
  • Bridging Animal Communication with Energy Healing for Animals Webinar Part 1
  • Bridging Animal Communication with Energy Healing for Animals Webinar Part 2
  • Animal Alchemy 2 part audio with Scalar Wave instructions
  • From X Ray to Holographic Image as a Healing Tool Audio
  • Checking Chakras for Animals that are not in your Presence Video
  • Using a Pendulum on a Cat to Check Chakras Video
  • Using a pendulum on a human diagram and on a dog Video
  • About Energy Healing for Animals with Scalar Wave PDF
  • Much Ado About Chakras, Analysis and Balancing the Chakra System PDF
  • Bridging Animal Communication and Energy Healing for Animals Handouts PDF
  • Scalar Wave Instructions PDF



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